Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

Marilyn Monroe

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Is there any good person living on planet Earth?...
I remember asking myself rhetorically some few years back and coming to think about it now there's only one answer I can think of and that is a big fat # NO.

I think people are different because of so many reasons associated with their personalities. What makes a good person, and what makes a bad person? I will answer this question with a very short story.

I have this friend currently who is going through a lot financially, yet a time when I am hungry, he shares the little he has with me. I also try as much as possible to share what I have when I have, and most times I'm the one sharing because he doesn't have or have any income source. Recently, I cooked at home and didn't call him knowing the chances are that he hasn't eaten, and at the end of the day, I found out he truly didn't get to eat the whole day. I decided to give him little cash to get food the next day morning and didn't give him in the evening. DOES THIS MAKE ME A BAD PERSON? I did what I did because I was simply selfish saying what I had wasn't really enough, and now we have often times shared meals whether it is small or plenty.

Also, this guy was dating a girl a few months back even though he didn't have any income source, and knows he never loved the girl, but rather dating her for what he could gain... DOES THIS MAKE HIM A BAD PERSON?

In my opinion, we are both good and bad, we are humans and have a choice to whatever we choose to do, and a conscience that preaks us when we do bad things, like today when I had to call him even when I wasn't at home, to go to my house and get something for himself to eat, guessing he hadn't eaten the previous day of which I couldn't reach him throughout that day because I was extremely busy with work and I had a low battery. DO MY ACTIONS THEN MAKE ME GOOD?

I think our actions and intentions may reflect a bad side of ourselves, but then again our conscience which is good is there to ensure we do what is right. A bad person (as they say) may choose to do good at a certain area while doing his usuals because for some reason he has decided to make the bad a lifestyle. And a good person (as they say)might do something selfish and wicked in one aspect, yet continue the good as a lifestyle. So I think a person is defined as good or bad depending on the lifestyle they have chosen to follow up on. For me I try to be good, I come short a times, but somehow find myself back on track.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog today, until next time.

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