This day started with a very inspiring experience with Spanish speakers.

Under normal circumstances, I don't consider Saturdays the most inspiring of days.


I usually wake up on Saturdays without any tangible plan for the day. Even the casual Saturday stuff like laundry, mowing of lawn and other stuff people do on Saturdays is hardly a part of my activity on Saturdays. Little wonder why everything happens so fast on this particular day. Haha.

This Saturday was not any different and I'm not surprised. They say 'early to bed early to rise'. That statement is a fact especially when you don't have a lot on your mind. It kinda happened that just when I was thinking of falling asleep by 2am this Saturday, I got an @-everyone tag from one of the discord server I've been in since 4 months ago.

Ever since the first chat I had with them the day I accepted an invite to the server, it never occurred to me to have another chat in the server. Partly because I'm always busy with other stuff and also because it's a server where I may appear to be odd. It is A Venezuelan Channel. Hehe.


When I got the tag, I checked what was going on and saw that some guys and gals were having a voice discussion. Without giving it a second thought, I jumped into the voice Channel. Haha.

At that moment, they were all vibing to a Spanish song that was being played by a music bot in the Channel. Truly, those discord bots add to the thrill of being on discord. Hehe. There is no question about my understanding of the song. All I know is that I love the beat and I like the voice of the musician. hehe.

By the end of the music, a conversation started in the voice Channel. A very interesting conversation. In this kinda situation, the odd one (being me) is supposed to go off-voice and mind my business. Haha. But the people in the Channel displayed class act. They are so welcoming and they tried so much to make sure that I'm part of the conversation.

It was so funny to see how we were genuinely trying to have a conversation despite having very little understanding of what the other was trying to say. Thankfully, they used a translator to leave text messages for me in the chat room. Those that can pick up some lines in English also made sure I enjoyed the conversation.

You can only imagine how long I spent on the Channel. Haha. I ended up going to bed by 5am, woke up by 8am, visited my barber around 10am, and watched a couple of Kdramas. Haha. Fun day, it is. Saturday was good, Sunday will be better and a new week begins on Monday.

Enjoy this weekend, mates.

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