My wedding vows

At last this day has arrived, the day I have dreamed of since I was a little girl, the day I will take her hand and say, maybe with a nervous voice and eyes full of glitter, because surely a couple of tears will be rolling down my blushing cheeks: I accept!

While I was thinking this, I was looking out the window and there was a commotion in my backyard, everything was real, I wasn't dreaming, today will be my wedding day and I'm still here rambling, getting carried away by my thoughts, I better write my vows right away, before fear and nerves invade my being. Here we go!

My beloved.

I always knew I would be here with you today.
I knew it would be you
I knew it all along,
since we used to run to school together,
since that day when you took my hand
after I tripped,
you looked at me and your smile illuminated my life.
since that day, I had no doubt that it would be you
the man with whom I would share the rest of my days.

I love you!
I love every part of you
your eyes, your smile and those lips that wrap around me
and submerge me in absolute happiness
you know I'm a hopeless romantic
but today I just want you to know that I speak from the heart.

I accept!
I accept to spend my days by your side
to share with you my riches and also my debts
don't be scared they are very few in reality
I accept you as you are and as you are,
with your virtues and faults
with your dreams and frustrations
with your somewhat strange tastes,
but I've learned to love them too.

I promise!
I promise to be that firm rock where you can lean your life,
I promise to be strong when you are vulnerable,
to be funny when you're sad,
to listen to you, when you just need to be the one to talk,
to hug you every day of your life
and give you a kiss every morning when you wake up

I promise to be true to this feeling
to be true to our story
to our dreams
I promise to keep loving you
without ceasing to love myself
because only in this way I will continue to be
that woman you have fallen in love with.

And when times become difficult
when we are stubborn and we always want to be right
I promise to go for a coffee
to breathe fresh air
and come back to you, to continue loving you
loving you until that last beat of my heart.

I love you.

My vows are ready, now I only need the groom. 😅

Back to the reality of my life, I am far from getting married at this moment, but I want to tell you a little bit why I have divided my vows in three parts: I Love You, I Accept and I Promise.

Because if marriage knocks on my door, at some point in my life, I want it to be with a person, with whom I can say these three words on my wedding day. Obviously that I love everything about him, including those things that make me angry and annoy me a little, because I don't want an idealized and perfect robot, I want a human being, as is with virtues and defects. As long as, he has a good heart and those flaws don't hurt anyone.

Secondly, I think that the word accept encloses many things within it, marriage is a great commitment, where two people become a great fusion and become one, in a great team, when we marry we are accepting that our life will change radically, we are inviting another being to our lives and we must receive it with everything. Accept his personality, his virtues, his defects, his problems, his riches, all these things, that we should know from the engagement, without getting the idea that marriage will magically change everything that we dislike a little of the other person.

And I promise, because that is what marriage is all about, the most beautiful promise of love, to take care of that passionate, crazy and dreamy love after marriage will not be easy, life as a couple is a daily struggle, of overcoming obstacles, of removing the stones in the way and trying to be the best person possible, because we deserve it as a person, as a couple and society deserves that every family that is born is a family, stable, beautiful, because the family represents the heart of society.

This is my entry for week 128 of the weekend engagement , it has been a pleasure to participate, thank you @galenkp for your awesome suggestions.

Happy weekend, make it fun and very productive!.

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