F1 Holland will give naps again

When I look at my feed today, it feels like half of the people I know are at the formula 1 circuit in Zandvoort again. The Grand prix of the Netherlands as they officially call it. 'Going to the race' is how the people are calling it, as if there is no other race than Formula 1 at the moment.

I get it, the adopted pride of Holland Max Verstappen is starting from pole position and the whole nation is behind him like the man is everyones best friend and talks about 'our' Max like he is the kid next door.

Admittingly, last season the grand finale with the excitement who will win the championship, that was nice. For this year, that still feels far away. And until that there is enough to milk still.


Yeah milking it out, because what is what the channels do. Watching the race only on a payed channel versus opening it up for everyone. Doing the qualification match a day before, and broadcasting the free training the day before. And people really want to give up their weekend and watch all of these three things like it isn't summer at the moment to do something better

I don't like the fact that people have to pay for these kinds of things. This should be for the people which means everyone should be able to watch this. Put it on a big screen then if you are a bar, you might even get some additional customers in there.


But hey, people are happy to watch and for sure if I would have tickets for this race (sell your kidney dude...that shit is expensive!!), I would go as well and have a nice beer and cheer. It is what we do.

Reality is that I am not at the races, but on my couch on the last day of vacation aka the endless summer of chillness. Working in the garden is the new endorphine rush according to VICE so I would say my happiness level is at the maximum at the moment, with accordingly battle marks from the struggle with my blackberry bush. Argh!

And what is a better thing to do on a Sunday than take a nap in the sun while having the sounds of the race in the background. It is a bit like white noise which blends out everything else...and it makes you a bit sleepy..


You know, sleepy like when when you have no schedule and just take some random naps during the day whenever you feel like it. The ultimate vacation feeling...

I guess it is time to close the eyes and drift away on the last day of summer with no responsibilites again. I guess this race will end up just fine without me being present. zzzz

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