Hello friends, have you ever been given a good spanking as a child? I'm from that VIP group. Being beaten by your parents may seem normal to many people, but I was only beaten once by my father and it was something remarkable.

When I was around 7 or 8 years old, my father worked at the factory, he was a sugar cane cutter. In his youth, my father worked in several places in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, he took a lot of 3x4 photos and kept them at home. This is the beginning of the story.

I joked a lot with my friends. At the time, a football player sticker album appeared, everyone bought this album and whenever we got together, we exchanged the repeated stickers.

During this period, I found a box in the attic of my house full of 3x4 photos of my father, but as they were all different, I imagined they were stickers and in my excitement, I ended up exchanging photos of my father with several people. The city was full of photos of him.

At work, a friend of his said that there was a photo of him in his house, he thought it was strange and more people told him that. When he investigated the situation, he discovered what I did. Until that date, my father never screamed or hit me, but the reason was justifiable. He came home irate with me, explained everything, told me that this was wrong and then I was severely beaten with bicycle straps. "Wow, it was desperate at the time"

With the situation, I learned something very important that I carry with me throughout my life: never touch what is not yours! The experience was remarkable, I don’t blame my father. "It was the first and only time he hit me"

It was something relatively simple, but it marked my life. "I learned from the mistake"

Source of images: photos by me. They reflect my present.

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