Wow I'm trusting this weekend will be full of fun fair all around, knowing fully well that we're going to write about the best part of ourselves, and about our love ones. Great work from the @galenkp and the whole team of the THE WEEKEND

Tell us about your best friend. How and where you met, how or why you become such good friends and why your friendship endures. Also tell us a story about one your best moments spent with that best friend.

Firstly it's an honor to write about this fellow cause I've been looking for a perfect opportunity to do so. I have been procrastinating about it for over some months now. Thanks again for creating the platform to do so.


I use to play for a church down the street of where I used to work, after like three(3) months of being a fervent, a devoted member, and of course a worker in the church, that's where I met her. Now, there's this class we do hold in the church, the class is for members who are interested in joining the workforce commission for the Church they would teach us the ways of church, how to be a good follower of Christ in the vineyard of God. It's a mandatory class for anyone that wants to be a worker in the church, and there are other are procedures as well in this process.

I have literally gone through the class or process of becoming a worker some years back but I didn't have any evidence to prove that I've gone through the class before and so I was asked to take the class again and get certified. After like two(2) months of joining the class that's where she came in and she joined us, her name is TESTIMONY buh I chose to call her DIAMOND 💎



because she's such a rare gem 💎 and her type is hard to find anywhere in the world. So back to how I met, during those times she missed a process of becoming a worker in church but it was overlooked by our instructor. Then I started gazing and staring at her every now and then because I couldn't hold myself seeing a beautiful girl around me. at first she didn't notice any unusual movements or signs from me but not until after she was later asked to leave the class by the authority and then she was asked to follow the normal process of becoming a worker. When I eventually found out about this, I was seriously pained and I felt hurt cause I thought being in the same class with her is a huge step of becoming her friend and getting to know her I never knew what life has in store for us then.

Soon later, we graduated from the whole thing and we became a certified worker in the church. She joined the ushering department which is also known as protocol department and I became a chorister i.e an instrumentalist (a drummer). So weeks later, I got her contact info and we started chatting on phone before talking physically. We got close online but not on the physical world it's kinda weird right ? Smiles". And of course we got to know about each other very well, what we like and despise. Then I noticed she's not this free type, in the sense that she's not always free to go out whenever she likes due to the fact that she was staying with her uncle as at then cause I've tried so many times to meet with her personally reason because I discovered she's a nice, reserved girl and trust me, her personality is also quite enticing.


I'd say her way of doing or handling things also made me fell for her. Though, I tried as much as hard to make her mine. I have never wooed her or tried to convince her to be my girlfriend cause I already know what the outcome would turn out to be based on the factors surrounding us then. But with time I later erased the motive and intentions of making her mine because I discovered she's a rare gem 💎. And another reason for making us get close to each other very well was because of the constant look out for other. Sometimes I'd try as much as possible not to make her feel bored whenever she's alone cause most of the time she's always indoor during those period we knew each except for the fact that she do go to church on Sundays and sometimes weekdays that's when she'd be free to go out.
Another thing that made us became friends is the interest I took in whatever she likes, I guess most ladies love that as well.

Though there have been some huge distances between us ever since she returned back to her permanent resident in ABUJA, Nigeria. But lucky enough for me I had thought that'd be the end of our friendship cause I don't usually keep long distance relationship or friendship with anyone but she changed my mindset about that and she also made me feel secured. I guess the distance even caused us to be more closer than we were before and I really appreciate and love that about us. Though I didn't really get what I wanted from her which is for her to be my girlfriend but anyways she's my friend (bestie) and I'm so grateful to have her also as one of my closest friend.


I think the best memory or would say memories we shared together being together for a church program we once attended together and all the chats and all the conversations we had together are the best memories. I'd never trade them for anything. Though we didn't get to take a picture together caused of the distance between us but that has never been a barrier between us as far as I'm concerned.


DIAMOND 💎 is someone who understands me, understands my true nature and of course, she always console me anytime I feel down so, I'm glad to call and have her as my true friend. She's respectful and beautiful ❤️. I'm so proud and honored to be her friend.

And lastly I'd like to appreciate and send love wishes to a true friend here on the platform @emeka4.

Thanks to the whole team and admin of this community for providing such platform to share our thoughts about our love ones here on the hive blockchain.

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