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It has been a very busy and stressful week. Hopefully we can use these weekends to catch some break. This week galenkp shared some interesting writing topics for this week’s engagement and I’m here to respond to that. Well I didn’t know which one to write on, because I like all of them so I’m going to write on them but I will try to keep it brief so that I don’t bore you.

Shoot your cat or dog

My Cat(Peace)

I am someone that loves to keep pets a lot especially cats. Because I see myself as more of a cat person rather than a dog trust me i have had my fair of bad experiences with dogs. The last dog I remember we had in the house died when I was still very young. And ever since we haven’t tried adopting a dog again. Ever since I have been wanting another pet to kinda fill in the void left by our dog, so one faithful morning my grandma paid me a visit and brought me a lovely kitten.

Giving me a Hi five

I was very exited. And decided to name her “peace”.. I know right what a dumb name :) you can’t blame I was still young and naive. Well she has been with me for quite some time. When you spend your time and energy nurturing your cat or dog, its kinda like your kid there is is this unflinching love that you have for it even if it occasionally does something you don’t like.

More shoots of my cat

There are many reasons why I adore my cat so much. One of the reasons is anytime I return home after a long while away (mostly three months). The she sees me, she runs towards me and starts rubbing her body on my feet until I pick her up and caress her She loves that. Did I forget to mention she gave birth to two little kittens. She is very protective of her kittens.

Cuddling with her kittens

She delivered the kittens inside our old truck. So after a week I tried moving them inside of the house. But she keeps taking them back there😂. Maybe she feels comfortable keeping them there. But that didnt stop me from still paying them a visit once in while, once i saw them cuddling and it was so cute so i shoot a pic. I keep it with me always.

Pets are our best companions

What is man without companionship? I see my cat as that one friend that will always stay loyal to me and stick with me at all times though the good and the bad. I’m addition to feeling good just being around her. These are important things I get for her being in my life.

Save one family member from death or 100 people you don't know?

If I was given the opportunity to chose to save someone in our family from death or save 100 random people…. Mmmmh, to give my honest answer if it is a family member that is really close to me like my mom or Dad or probably a close uncle or aunt. I would probably save that fellow. It might seem selfish but that would be what I would do in a heart beat no questions asked.

But if it were to be some distance extended relative or family member that I don’t really have that deep bond with. I might consider saving the 100 random people. Call me selfish or whatever I’m not picking a random 100 people over my dad, mom, uncle, aunt or even my siblings. Sorry but I can’t those 100 people should find someone else because I’m not thee guy to save them.

Starve to death or resort to cannibalism?

Hell no!! The idea alone of eating a fellow human makes me sick. But come to think of it, i can’t best say if I would or wouldn’t resort to cannibalism in a real “do or die” Situation. Right now I’m sitting at the comfort of my home after taking breakfast. So it might be very easy for me to say at this point that I would never do it. Probably because I haven’t been kept in that tight situation before.

It is estimated that starvation and ultimately death of someone can take up to 70days. That’s a hell of a long time to go without food and lot could happen that might influence my decision at that point. But for now, cannibalism is line I hope I’m giving the courage in a situation like this to abstain from.

Be reborn as a chicken or a snake?

Hahaha!! This is easy, there is no way in hell I’m choosing to be reborn as a chicken. I mean why would you? Maybe you have your reasons. But I have mine. Being reborn as a snake will be the safest choice because you would be feared by many. Even though you might not be top of the food chain at least you can also feed on other animals in the food chain.

At least as a snake I wouldn’t have to be bothered about being detected. Or seen I can easily move in silent and strike when the time is right. I mean it would be very cool. And oh I almost forget you would probably live longer than the chicken. Which might die after being infected by some kind of disease or being eaten by a snake or something. I’m definitely going for the snake.

Be able to pause your life, or rewind it?

This is a very good question. Both are very good options i must say bur after thinking throughly I think I would have to stick with the rewind button. Boy! Hmm I have made some shitty life choices that I would give anything to go back and change. I believe we all at some point wished we could go back and do something differently. So if the opportunity is presented to be that’s what I’m going for. Hopefully those events I go back to change will greatly affect my future in the good way.

My life right now is nothing to write home about. So pausing my life right now at this particular time wouldn’t be a good idea. Though I would have love to pause the time, take a moment to reminisce on what I have done in my life, think about what I can still change and just enjoy the moment. But rewinding my life gives me the actual opportunity to change these stupid mistakes I made. And I’m taking


Thank you @galenkp, for your choice of topics I had a great time and I enjoyed Writing about them. It just made my weekends. Thank you sir and I hope next week’s topics are going to be mind blowing as well.

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