Loving Meeeee

I had been feeling distressed cause I’d been writing every day but due to a personal dilemma, I skipped yesterday. And since then, I’d been looking for something to write about that would cheer my mood. I was fortunate to come across the post by @galenkp in the #WeekendExperience community and my mood was immediately uplifted because my most looked-forward-to topic is when I’m talking about Myself.

And my best physical feature is none other than My Face.🤗

It’s kind of funny because the ‘Tess’ of years ago would never imagine herself saying this. You might ask why, and it’s no mystery. It was because, the stories my mum had told me about myself when I was born, kind of shaped my mindset. According to her, and my relatives who were present at the time, not being a good-looking child was the understatement of the century. My mum vividly narrated to me how she had to always hold me by herself, unlike my elder sisters that were carried from hand to hand. This was because no one wanted to carry me saying that I wasn’t pretty at all. So, I was always with her.

And I guess I grew up with the mindset that I wasn’t pretty facially. I didn't sign up for beauty pageants in those little birthday parties because I was sure I would definitely lose. And I didn't want to risk the humiliation. It wasn’t until I got into my first love triangle in junior high, and two guys professed their love did I stop to think that maybe I wasn’t so bad looking after all😂. I was smart in school and was good at class presentations but that couldn’t have been the only reason. I started receiving more and more compliments from people, and though I'd initially get angry thinking it was some sort of two-faced mockery, I started reasoning that maybe they were actually being sincere.

From then on, I started viewing myself differently. I started appreciating myself and from then I noticed particular things about my face. First off, I have really gorgeous eyes. I often hear things like you have really soulful eyes, which I found out meant my stares feel like I was looking into a person’s soul. This one was a double-edged sword because while it looked beautiful when I was smiling, my friends told me that when I was keeping a straight face or gazing at someone intensely, it looked piercing and mean. But then again, I don’t smile when I walk on the road so unfortunately that’s the side a lot of people see.

But hold on, I’m trying to enjoy myself with this.😂🤗

Asides from my wide, soulful eyes, I have a shiny forehead my friends claim they can see their reflections in🤦🏽‍♀️, a pointy nose that makes my face a lot more appealing and wonderful lips too. All these to say I’ve fallen in love with my face and I’ve abolished all thoughts that I was ever not pretty. I have a new confidence when I go out now. And I know it’s by far my best physical feature.💜

My Two Best Personalities

According to what people around me have said, is the fact that I’m a Great Listener. They know I love talking. But they say I listen to people, without judging, without condemnation, and with love. The fact that my friends see me as a safe space is something I cherish and value so much.🥰

The second is my Confidence. I’m not easily intimidated. I often find myself surrounded by people more beautiful, smarter and funnier than me. But it doesn’t put a damper on my self-esteem and confidence. I’m proud of myself and remind my friends, especially my female friends that the most attractive thing about a girl is her confidence.✨

I felt really happy writing this and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. Thanks for stopping by.❤️

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