Their smiles makes me happy

January 08, 2023

Children's smiles is so precious and it gives us a feeling of happiness.

In the last day of 2022, we had our thanksgiving day. It was a year end celebration to give thanks to the Almighty for all the blessings He had showered to all of us for the whole year 2022. It is also a way of thanking Him for the protection and the gift of life we received.

I was assigned for the program and it's a big responsibility for me. I was also assigned to buy and wrap a gift for children to be given in the last part of the afternoon program.

The program started in the morning with an opening song and opening prayer then sharing of testimonies followed. Every representative shares their testimony how good our God is in their life throughout the year 2022. One representative from children or students, one representative from youth, one representative from women and one representative from men. All of them have amazing testimony how blessed they are all throughout the year.

After giving of testimonies, the recognition of the quarterly celebrants and giving of thanksgiving offering followed.

Everyone was given with small brown envelope where we put our thanksgiving offering. While the singer offered a song, the first quarter celebrants stood first and bring their thanksgiving offering in front and drop it in the offering box. The second quarter followed, the third until the last quarter celebrators.

I took a picture of them as part of our thanksgiving day documentation.

One of our elder offered a special prayer for everyone and the blessing of the thanksgiving offering.

Thanksgiving emphasis was also shared by one of our elder and he shares how important to be grateful in all things.

Some youth, also offered a song of praise and thanksgiving.

This young man is our speaker on the special day. He shares story and give a meaningful insights of these Bible verses.

Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing.
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 [King James Version]

During lunchtime, we shared and enjoyed the food we brought together as potluck.

In the afternoon every family offered a song of praise to the Lord.

At the end of the program, the kids were the most excited because they are waiting for the giving of gifts as well as the serving of ice cream.

In most occasion, people especially parents are so thoughtful for their kids that they really want them to be happy. Because of that we really decided to give gifts for them. It is just a small amount for all of them but we're sure that simple gifts will make them happy.

I was given 1500.00 ($27) budget for 30 children. I had a hard time thinking and choosing what item to give to them that will fit with the budget.

I just choose pop tube (I saw most kids were playing with it) for all of them and I just added some biscuits, candies and chocolate plus some hair clip for the girls.

I am the one who wrap it too and thanks to my son who took this stolen picture. This is me wrapping the gift.

The giving of gifts and serving the ice cream were done in the same time. So, the kids proceed to the ice cream after receiving their gifts.

Here are just some of the kids who were so happy receiving their gifts.

Kids were not focused in the value of the gift but in the gift itself.

We may not have enough money to sponsor gifts for the kids but we have our strength, our talent or our skills to offer to help them happy.

Seeing those smiles from the grateful kids after receiving a gift is so precious and it makes me happy that day.

Make someone smile today. Share and be happy.

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