Games at the beach

February 03, 2023

Last weekend we had a beach outing at Tango Glan, Sarangani Province. We arrived there Saturday evening and we stayed there until Sunday.

On Sunday morning we had a series of games at the beach and this is what I have to share on this blog.

Without further ado, let's see how enjoyable the games are.


This game consist of atleast 10 members and every member have a corresponding number. The host will call two numbers and they will carry the last number called. For example, number 1 and number 5, carry number 10. They will carry it going to the front and go back to their lines. The group that will reach 5 points will be the winner.

The host also make a twist by calling three numbers to carry two persons. It will be the group initiative how to do it.


This game consists of 8 to 10 members. The more member per group made it more fun. The leader in each group will catch/touch the tail of the other group in order to win on this game.


This games consists of atleast 10 members. This game needs balloons. Every member should have balloon except the leader who don't need to have a balloon.

Every member will put the balloon in front of them, either on their stomach or chest depending on the height of the person in front of them. As the host will say GO! the team will walk toward the person in front of them and will go back to their lines. Every member should protect their balloon by just pushing themselves towards their group mates in front of them. They can't hold it by their hands because their hands should be on their waste and later on the host requested them to put their hands on their head.

The team who can go back to their line first without dropping any balloon will win.


In this game, every member of the team should have balloon tied in their feet. Everyone will pop the balloon of their opponent and whoever team that have many numbers of balloon remained will be the winner.

Some members forgot their team mates and they pop their own team's balloon, lol.


This game is so simple that even kids can do it. This consists 8 to 10 members. Every team should have only one calamansi and every member should have one spoon (we uses disposable plastic spoon).

The first member will put the calamansi in his/her spoon and carry it in front and go back to their line and then pass it to the next member and so on and so forth.

The team who will finish first will be the winner.


This should be the highlight of our games as planned but when we were there at the beach most people choose to swim than to participate in the games.

We chose this game exclusively for husband and wives where the husband will carry his wife.

While preparing this game, my imagination go wild and I keep on laughing even I am alone. I am imagining a husband carrying his wife who is bigger than him. Can you think what I am thinking? Lol.

Unfortunately only three couples decided to participate on this game, so the game must go on.

We had fun watching them carry their wives and it seems they cant walk properly because their wives become heavier as time goes.


Sorry, I don't have pictures of it because I was the one who facilitated it.

This game is just so simple where the first member of the team will relay the message to the next member and so on and so forth. The last member will pronounce the message and WI check if it is right.

We had fun as the words changed as it is said to the the other member.

We used Tagalog tongue twister for this game.


We prepared a different game for the kids but unfortunately they love more swimming than joining games.

So instead we just let them run as fast as they can and whoever the first to reach the finish line will win.


This is a common game and for sure everyone knows about it. Every member of the team will contribute some things to create a long line.


I don't know what is the real name of this game, I just named it that way because a player will spin seven times while head down in the stick and then runs back to their line.

My stomach is aching and I have a teary eyes while watching and laughing on this game.

Many felt dizzy even before they could finish the seventh spin. Some will stop for a while and look around where they are facing. Some fall in the ground even before they could run. Others run in different directions and others run diagonally.


This is the last game that we had but this time I announced to bring me all non-biodegradable wastes. This is a good idea to clean the place where we had our games.

This is my son joining the game and at the same time helping to clean the beach. Most of the kids participated as they were excited to have prizes.

Those are the games we had in the beach during our beach outing. I really had fun watching them playing. I was busy taking pictures but most of are videos. I haven't able to swim that time because I was enjoying in the games. As I watch the videos again, it will make me laugh out loud again and again.

I hope you enjoyed all those game as you imagined how they play it. I also hope that this list of games will give you an idea what to play too during gatherings.

All photos are mine. Others are screenshot from my videos.

Thank you so much for reading. See you again in my next blog

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