Lads On Skim During Weekends

I'm really fond of taking photos of these young lads that almost every weekend gathers their small community of skimboarders here on the public beach of our village. Showing off their skills in doing tricks with their skimboard.

They even ask me to come every weekend to the beach to have them photographed so they can change their profile picture on their social media accounts(LOL). Seriously though, they ask me to have them photographed so that they will have decent pictures while doing their tricks and upload them on their community Facebook page so that they will be recognized that there is a community of skimboarders here in our town of Alcoy, Cebu.

And of course, every time I point my lens at them they show off everything they got. Check out the below photos.


So cool to have it photographed during the hang time when they do tricks like this, surely they put strength on this kind of trick, imagine they could lift their boards given that the water was calm and doesn't even have strong waves.



While most of them enjoy playing skimboard, some members of the community tried another water activity the kayaking so as to relax their lower muscles.


Most members of their community were still students the reason why they only gather during weekends.


Look how colorful their skimboards are. They're the ones who made it actually.

Above photos were all captured by yours truly at Tingko Beach of Alcoy, Cebu. Using Nikon D5600 + Nikon 40-150mm Lens

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