The Weekend FULL OF FUN ✨

For Filipinos, basketball is a big sport for everyone. I still remember my school days that we have to play basketball or any other sports for our intramural. it's either you're a girl or boy. There's no exemption. Boys played against boys and the same with girls too.

In our village, we have these basketball games every weekend with a theme. And this weekends theme is dressing up like a woman. To be qualified to join the game. Every basketball player should at least wear something girly.

And that's how the fun begins.


Seems everyone is ready for the game ✨


It's quite entertaining for everyone to watch these brave souls showcasing their outfits. In a fun way 😉


These two first picture is my favourite.
The determination to get the ball from an opponent and their facial expressions says at all ✨


You could play basketball and be classy as you are and wear your LV dress and run like nobody's watching ✨


Or you can always have your nighties on, cocktail dress and denim skirt. Because why not? 😆😉✨


You can be competitive cheerleaders on the ball too 😉✨


Everyone was having fun and that what matters most ✨


Hoping that this scene will eventually open the hearts of everyone to be more accepting and being respectful of others life choices. That you could be anyone else. A Cinderella or John Wick and wear what your heart desires as long as you don't hurt or belittle other people.

This themed game is not to mock the LGBT community and others. This is purely for entertainment, engagement for people around our community.

Cheers! ✨

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