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Greetings 🤗 the Weekend Experiences community or rather the #weekend-engagement Initiative is celebrating its anniversary, with 3 continuous years of shared ideas for content creators on weekends, that's what it's like to have a good bank of ideas 😄, like this that the topics proposed in week 156 are related to number 3, that's why I decided to answer the following question from @galenkp:

Three dollars: If I gave you three American dollars and asked you to buy me anything at all, but you could only spend three US dollars, what would you buy me and why?


A few days ago, walking to take my son to school, I ran into an advertisement, basically that type of wooden blackboard that is placed on the street to draw attention to an establishment, this advertisement said that they sold lunches for $3, I thought which was interesting, i never really eat out, so i thought it was a good price for a complete lunch, i.e. the advert said it included soup, dry (main course which usually contains some protein like chicken, rice and salad ) and also a juice, while I was returning home from school, I kept thinking that $3 was very little money and I wondered if that price would give a positive profit margin to the establishment and how many lunches would they have to sell for $3 dollars? for the business to be profitable, i was really thinking a lot about it, i walked by the front of the establishment and the place looked good, it had nice chairs and tables, the colors were nice and it smelled like the food, you could tell it was a rented place, that is to say, that people were paying rent for the commercial establishment, I kept thinking about the importance of those 3$.

I kept thinking the price was cheap, but then I thought that on my lowest earning days on Hive I make about $3 or less, however I try really hard to keep posting daily and still earn enough to support my family and buy food weekly, so then I thought that the salaries of public employees are lower than what I earn in Hive, I thought again about those 3$, which for an American may seem like something very little, but in my country if a person If I had to spend $3 a day on lunch, the salary would not be enough, that idea exploded in my mind, it was like a hard blow of reality that I did not expect as a result of having come across a simple advertisement, so I analyzed the overwhelming differences What is there in an inflationary economy like that of my country where the national currency is devalued daily, with a less decadent economy like that of the northern country, that made me feel a little dizzy.


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I again analyzed the difference that those 3 $ exist for a person from my country, for example, for a few years now I have a Ko-fi account, which is a page where people who appreciate my artistic work can give me donations for the value of a coffee that is averaged worldwide at $3, that is, on the page you can donate one to more coffees, but the value of each one is $3, putting it in simple words for an American $3 is like a tip, while that here in Venezuela $3 can buy you a lunch, clarified this point, I mean that I really don't know what $3 could buy in the United States but if I had to buy something from @galenkp I would base it on the prices of my country.

So based on the above, I have two options for the $3, the first is to have @galenkp for lunch, which means you would get a delicious lunch for just $3 something I'm sure you've never tried. The second option is to invite him to the cinema, since the entrance to the cinema in my country costs $3, surprising isn't it? Well, the most surprising thing is that the last time I went to the movies was in 2011 🙈, so @galebkp you choose, lunch or movies? What do you say 😁 I know that my options are very practical but I really know the value of money and I believe that you have to make good use of things that are worth it, life is one and you have to have your food and entertainment needs covered to live a happy life 😄


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This is my participation in Weekend-Engagement: WEEK 156 - Three year anniversary week!

I hope you liked it. I invite you to read my next publications and I will always be willing to answer your questions and comments, you can also follow me and contact me on any of my social networks. Thank you!

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