Is it a boy or a girl? Gender reveal and Birthday Celebration!


When my sister-in-law got pregnant last year, the whole family got excited especially my parents. This would be their first grandchild. And to support this great news, I already expressed my great enthusiasm to organize the gender reveal to which my sister-in-law agreed.

Gender reveal parties became a trend starting from 2000's up to the present. The gender of the babies are revealed through creative surprises or gimmicks. Gender reveals are different from baby showers where gifts are given for the babies to the expectant couples.

My sis-in-law's baby's gender was enclosed in an envelope and given to me on the 3rd week of May. It was decided we would have the party together with our birthday celebrations. Me, my brother and his wife were all June babies so it is but fitting to have a double celebration this month. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. We got to finalize the date which was June 06, 2021 (Sunday) which is just about the right day since our family also have lunch together every first Sundays of the month.


Planning the gender reveal part was not much of a hassle. Just made it simple and fun. There was a store in the city where we could buy almost all sort of party supplies at a very cheap price. Bought all balloons and things that I needed 2 days before the event. There are many creative ways to do this however I opted to go for the pop the balloon version. Also bought the cake from the shop from Breadtalk for our birthday celebration a day before that.

Last Sunday, I woke up early to finish putting up the decors which thankfully it turned out to be good.
I accidently pop the balloon with the colored confetti inside. Good thing I decided to mix the pink and blue ones so my parents still didn't know what the gender was. I had to run back to the store to the store to buy another one and decided to hide it in my room before the big reveal.


So what do you think is the gender of the baby? Read further!


We had our sumptuous meal first since my other siblings came late that day. Mom was in charge of the food department so it was assured that all food was delicious. We started with a short prayer and some singing of the birthday song. Well, my brother was not up for it but he always just go with it for my sake.

My brother already turned 30 last June 02, my sis-in-law turns 29 next week, and I turn 29 too on the 3rd week. Getting younger indeed!





We waited no further. After our lunch, we had the gender reveal right away. We set up our cameras, phones, and my laptop as well since we were doing a videocall in order for my sis-in-law's family to participate. After which I asked the couple to stand in front of our family. I gave them mini balloons of colors pink and blue. Our family members were then asked what their guess was for the gender of the baby. The couple then gave each a pink or blue balloon based on the guess they made.


My brother was Team Boy and his wife was Team Girl. The rest of the family casted their votes too to which 4 placed their bet on Team Girl and 5 guessed it was a boy. The excitement was building up and everyone was definitely playing along. I headed to my room to grab the balloon.


Everyone was so excited. I handed my brother a pin to pop the balloon. I counted down to 3..2..1....



Blue confetti popped out from the balloon. By the looks of my brother's face he had a smirk that says he already knew it was a boy while my sis-in-law had her jaw drop in utter shock and happiness. We had a loud cheer from the whole family. And my parents greeted the couple. After which they opened their gifts. We ended the celebration with more eating and some fun talk.


No matter what gender, all babies are blessings. With a new addition to the family, I hope my parents would be able to fully move on from the passing of our pet Ginger and can now embrace a new chapter in their lives as grandparents. The birth of my nephew is coming up in 4 months time and we can't wait to meet him.


Thank you for dropping by. Sending you love and light.


Clara Pilca

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