[WE112]Nickname Given in School

Weekends had been busy with activities that I scarcely post in the community. I also work weekends. Feels fantastic to be able to post here today.
All thanks to @galenkp who provided these amazing subjects.
I will be picking this:

Do you have a nickname or pet name given to you by someone else? What is it and why were you given it? Or, have you given someone else a nickname that stuck What is it and how did they earn it?


I would recall the morning lesson as the lecturer entered the room, I was seated in the front. When he told me he enjoy how I dress to lectures always concealed my body not showing portions of my body like other females.
He gave me the nickname Mummy GO
The GO there means General Overseer. It is generally presented to Pastor's wife.

At first, I didn't like the name but I wouldn't do anything since he was my Lecturer. My Course mates began calling me that too and it got annoying.
Because of my name, the lecturer loved me and accepted me as one of his favorite students.
He also made sure I understood his courses and he told me that I won't fail his course but I need put in my effort.
I had already grown accustomed to the name😂. I don't worry about who calls me that at least it's a wonderful nickname and makes me special.

Thank you for reading

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