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It's still weekend buddies and I hope you are enjoying yours. The # weekend experience by @galenkp has provided us with fantastic things to write about.

I'm pretty worried about plenty of things in the future. Things like life after school, who I marry, how I generate money.
The Joy of any parent is to watch him or her child perform well when she is done with school. They desire to see the product of their effort because they have been taking care of your nursery to your higher institution and even more. I have so much concern regarding living following the higher institution. And if I don't see a Job what's my Plan B.


I know becoming married and having a family is important even as a lady but I take my financial life extremely seriously. I even take it more seriously than others.I want to be a wife w9ho will not be a burden to her husband but to support the family financially. Even offer my parents the best life they deserve.
I know we don't know the future and we shouldn't worry about it but then sometimes those fears build a zeal in us to be able to accomplish those objectives. If you have less care about them you won't be able to address them.

Acquiring a talent is one thing I am doing to assist me eliminate the fear or concern of money issues in the future. I don't pray not to obtain a job after school but if I don't get early I will utilize my skill to start earning a living. I'm not even waiting until I am done with school, I am starting right now as a student.
If I want to overcome financial issues in future I must also learn to make financial goals for myself. Build a budget and priorities for my spending and learn to save and also invest intelligently. Having multiple sources of income is also extremely important in living a financially stable life in future.

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