Being A Woman Maybe Hard Sometimes

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Being a female is a gift no doubt yet I believe there are things I don't enjoy being a woman. Some come naturally that implies we can't change them.
The fact that every month as a young girl, I will have to undergo a menses cramp. I know some people don't have pain but for me I generally have pain every month especially the 2nd and 3rd day and there are even those who have more pain than I do. I hope I can delete that aspect as a lady where I actually do not have to pass through that monthly pain. The expenses during that period too and the mood swings you will have to pass through are something extremely hard to endure as a women.

Another challenging aspect being a woman is child bearing. They say the discomfort of menses is not even half of child carrying. I had been there when my older sister was in labor and we were transporting her to the hospital. Despite it being her second child, she was still screaming and weeping and even when it came time to deliver a child it wasn't easy for her. The pain is one thing I don't enjoy about being a woman.

As a married woman it is claimed to take on the bulk of caregiving tasks, which may make it difficult for them to combine career and family. Some women leave their aspirations and job merely because of her family.
When it comes to leadership it might be challenging for women to lead critical positions much like my Country. It is more likely impossible for a woman to be the President of the nation merely because they are thought to be weak or unable.
Women are underrepresented in several industries too.

In my family I'm not permitted to go to certain areas at specific hours merely because I am a lady unlike my brother. I'm more like tied up at home merely because I'm a lady. I can't truly accept such choice merely because the culture believes that women shouldn't do it.

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