Creating my ideal perfect day


It's been a very stressful day. Normally, my morning routine includes saying my morning prayer, picking up my phone to check all of my notifications, making a list of the tasks I will be handling, choosing a post or contest topic to write about on hive Blockchain, and, if I'm lucky, getting inspiration to write those things. If not, I have to wait until later in the day. Next, I get the kids ready for school, and then I spend the rest of the day working on my sewing projects.

If I had the ability to create my ideal day, I wouldn't want anything difficult and would instead prefer a simple life with less stress., I get up early as usual, say my morning prayers, check my notifications, and reply to the ones I can and engage some early authors post. The words start to flow as I write down my post for the day, which eventually receives a lot of upvotes and my payout, making my heart happy. I took the kids to see their grandma the day before, and they were so content and happy and wouldn't want to leave her side, so I let them stay. Because my husband has also travelled some weeks back on a work trip, my home is silent today.Since I work from home, I walked over to my workspace and discovered that I don't have any urgent tasks this weekend because I already made all of the deliveries yesterday. Wow! I don't think my weekend will ever be this stress-free, but it is right now hehe.

I took my time getting ready, eating a light breakfast, and changing my plans so I wouldn't have to worry about a stressful job that needed to be delivered. I also took a break from the kids, especially my youngest who loves to be carried around all the time. I love my babies, but mummy needs a little time off to rest.


I grab my keys and head to the salon my friend suggested because, in her opinion, their services are excellent. I really want to be pampered, so I decided to try it out.I've had my current hairdo for about a month and I needed a change, but I didn't have time because of the lack of time, the pedicurist was also working on my feet when my hair was being done, ah! I'm at ease because their services are even better than I had anticipated, as she had promised.

After receiving my beauty treatment, I feel soft and delicate. On the way home, I stopped at the Justrite Superstore to pick up some groceries. Fortunately, there is a well-known restaurant that recently opened nearby. Since today is also my day off from cooking, I ordered enough rice, salad, and chicken takeout for myself and my husband, who will be returning from his trip today.


I spent the day watching Arthdral Chronicles, a Netflix series that my sister @treasuree recommended. She is a Korean movie fan and always tempts me to watch their movies, even though my genre is action and I'm not cut out for romance films. However, she insisted that this was packed with action, so here I am watching it and can't get enough of it. Between napping and eating as much as I want to snack, my body feels reenergized and all of my nerves are at ease. I don't worry about gaining weight because it seems like the fairy who grants weight doesn't like me because she always passes me.


ding ding, when the doorbell rings, I assume it is my husband because I wasn't expecting anyone else. Excitedly, I walked to open the door and for sure, it's him, Iwelcome him in with a warm embrace because I had missed him so much; the two weeks he was away felt like months. We spend the rest of the day and night together, and that concludes my ideal day.

Thank you for staying to the end.♥️♥️

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