Live again or go back to my normal life?

Welcome to a new entry of my blog pretty Hive people!

Happy start of the week dear hivers, I decided to start it by answering one of the questions of this week's weekend-engagement concept, so let's get started:

⭐ Live again

The premise of this question is quite interesting, if I died and had the opportunity to revive, would I go back to my normal life or to another one? I chose it because it immediately caught my attention and I would love to answer it.

My current life is not perfect, there are things I would like to do and complete, but I am at peace with it, I know that my effort will take me where I want, and having my family is simply a gift, but, I am not going to lie to you, living a totally different one would be like discovering another side of the coin, how would I be in that case?


I would not live the life of a single person as such, I would love to live several in one hahahaha, I explain: there is an actress that I like a lot called Natalie Portman, and I would like to live that part of learning, she speaks six languages and incidentally is a graduate of psychology at Harvard University, so it would be amazing to know all that.

On the other hand, it would be an incredible experience to be able to travel around the world like Luisito Comunica (I watch his videos the most), this part would be a dream, and the simple fact of being able to know other cultures and see them in the flesh is spectacular.

So I would like to be born again in a much more intelligent person, with the tools to prepare myself properly and continue growing, one that thanks to his knowledge can travel and know other parts of the world with total freedom, but without leaving aside my current beliefs, that would be a life in which I would like to revive.

And that would be all my dear friends, I hope you liked it and we are reading each other!


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