Starve to death or resort to cannibalism?

The word "cannibalism" strikes fear in my heart and somehow, I think many humans are cannibals even though they don't directly feed on other humans. I have always had a crazy perspective about cannibalism among humans and it's all about them using others as a means of survival. This is something we see happening every day, people eat the labor of others and some even go as far as killing a fellow human just because they will gain from the person's death. Although, they don't feed on the body and as long as they were involved in the death for their gain, it is an act of cannibalism for me.

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Yes, it is disgusting and I can't even imagine cannibalism as an option over starving to death. It would be best if I even take my life before cannibalism becomes the only option available for me to survive. After the claim about movies predicting Covid19 went viral, I started wondering why we are seeing many zombie apocalypse movies being produced. Could that be a warning as well?

Many people including myself don't find it cool seeing those zombies tear people apart from the screen and feeding on a fellow human won't make me any different from a zombie except that they don't have a choice while I made the decision myself.

As a fish farmer, I have seen the act of cannibalism in ponds and I can't imagine myself doing such a thing all in the name of filling my belly for what? Strength, growth, and whatsoever reason it may be is not justified.

It happens in the animal kingdom and that's because they are animals. They have huge limitations to their reasoning ability, unlike humans who understand and think wider. I believe that a human in the right state of mind will never choose to eat a fellow human as an option over hunger.

One of the reasons I don't eat out is because of news that went viral about a food vendor who sells human parts as meat. I was too young to confirm the authenticity of the news but I wasn't too young to know that such a thing shouldn't be happening.

Aside from finding it an abnormal thing to do, no human will choose to end up in the pot for some people to feast on. If I can't allow myself to be a feed for others, it will be inhuman of me other feed on a fellow human.

I remembered the first day I witnessed a fatal accident, my mental health was affected. The gory scene kept playing in my head for days and I remembered throwing up several times before I was able to get the incident out of my head.

Choosing to starve would affect my physical and mental activeness but it's okay than me going insane because definitely my brain can't process the fact that I am actually feeding on humans. Cannibalism is not an option and starving will still help preserve the humanity I have always believed and preached about.

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