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I am happy to be part of the Weekend Engagement Concept Third Anniversary and I want to say a big thank you to @galenkp for the great work. I didn't know the community immediately after I joined Hive but found it while exploring and I have always looked forward to engaging every weekend.

The experience has been awesome so far, the community is full of life and there is no boring moment around the founder who is also the man behind the smooth running of the community.

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I am not one of the very good-looking guys in the world and whenever people call me handsome, I quickly take my phone to see if something has changed about me and end up smiling after I discover they were only flattering me. Regardless of what I think of myself, I am still confident about my look. I have never been scared or bothered about what people think about my look, I feel great throwing my imperfect look out there.

The best way I have always been able to describe my look is BOLD and there is nothing else to it. I have taught myself that my look doesn't define who I am and because I see more than what others see about me, I feel confident of my look.

My bold look makes me fearless and confident, and even though I am having cold feet, you can hardly notice it because of my bold look. I appreciate people who love me for who I am and I don't detest those who don't see beyond the look.

I have lots of personalities both good and bad, I can't claim to be a perfect human and among them all, the act of selflessness stands out always. I looked deeper and discovered it is something that runs in the family, probably it's one of the things I inherited from my mom.

Being selfless doesn't mean I place the interest of others over mine but I always find it difficult to look away from things that have to do with others but require my intervention. Sometimes when I can't help, I feel terrible about it.

My act of selflessness has been taken for granted quite several times and even when I made the decision not to be kind again, I still find myself putting others interests at heart. There is really no point in being selfish and I don't expect anything in return.
I don't know if everyone feels the same way as I do when I can be there for someone, it is my biggest source of happiness. I have tried this even during the most challenging time in my life and after any selfless act, I see hope and feel happy at the same time which is enough as a reward for me.

There is no room for negativity around me and I always wear a positive mindset always even in the face of challenges. This positive mindset has helped me overcome challenges and I don't see myself trading it for anything.

Being positive-minded comes with lots of packages for me, it has helped my problem-solving ability improved a lot, maintaining calmness despite being troubled and others are some of the benefits.

I love the fact that this mindset hasn't been helpful for not just myself, I have been able to influence people positively within and outside my family.

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These three things about me have helped me a lot through my journey in life. Many times, the people around me always think life is perfect for me just because of these things but they are wrong. Life is not perfect for me either, I have challenges and there are a lot of them but because of the bold look that makes me confident, the selfless nature that makes me happy and the positive mindset that helps me overcome challenges, life looks perfect for me.

What other things do I need to have a perfect life aside from all these? I know there are more but with all these, I feel great always.

This is my entry to this Weekend Engagement topics by @galenkp. Thanks for reading.

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