Weekend-Engagement writing topics: WEEK 147

Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings.

- Victor Hugo -

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The weekend approaches and I hope you've got something great planned for it. As usual, I'm here with some writing suggestions in case you are looking for something to post about over the weekend. I'll wrap up the weekend on Monday with my favourites post so please follow the guidelines below to be eligible. Post in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES Community.

Follow these guidelines

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☑️ Use #weekend-engagement as the first tag of your post
☑️ Post in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community (no cross-posts)

☑️ Use photos you took where possible (it shows character and personality)
☑️ Follow all the community rules - Post in ENGLISH only (not multi-language)
☑️ Entries close at 07:30 UTC Monday 03 April (Link to UTC converter)

Writing topics

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Finish the line

Finish one of the below lines in a post of at least 300 words. Use the line you choose below as the title for your post.

  • The week of my life I will never forget is...
  • The single event of my life I most regret is...
  • The biggest lie I ever told is...
  • I don't believe in religion because...
  • I agree with polygamy because...

Outdoors fire

Tell us your fire in the great outdoors experience (not fictional, it must be true). It can be a camping experience, a gathering on the beach or other such place with friends, or a sex on the beach beside a fire thing with your lover - Just make sure the photos are your own and fire was involved. Do a post of at least 300 words. Your own photos are required.


What things have you done to get attention from others in the offline world? For example: Faked illness or injury, pretended to be someone you're actually not, dressed provocatively or splashed money around and so on...What behaviours have you engaged in for attention, how did it work out and would you do it again? A post of 300 words or more is required. Use your own photos if you can.

Taken for granted

Have you ever realised you've been taking something or someone for granted and if so why did you do it, how did you come to understand you were doing it and what did you do to rectify it. Do a post of at least 300 words and use photos you took yourself.

The other you

Imagine you have a second personality, which would be the coolest, most attractive to the opposite sex and basically the best version, the real you or the alternate you? Which would be the good version and which the bad? Write about it in a post of at least 300 words. (Show your funny side and writing creativity.)

Hive letter

Write one single Hive user a letter in a post of at least 300 words. Remember, only one single person, that means one, not two or more, just one. Use photos you took yourself.

Comply with the guidelines if you want your post to be eligible

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Curation is based on post quality, effort and personality and I prefer to see photos the author has taken personally rather than stock images. Only original content is acceptable and I don't want to see AI content. Please double check your post against to guidelines above or your post may be invalid.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default, tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind - galenkp

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