Weekend-Engagement writing prompts: WEEK 139

The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit.

- Morgan Freeman -

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Here's a few writing prompts for the weekend. Write your post in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES Community and follow the guidelines below to be eligible for curation or your post will be ignored.

The inflexible guidelines

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☑️ Use #weekend-engagement as the first tag so I can find your entry
☑️ Post in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community (no cross-posting)
☑️ Use photos you took where possible (it shows character and personality)
☑️ Follow all the community rules - Post in ENGLISH only (not multi-language)
☑️ Entries close at 06:30 UTC Monday 06 February (Link to UTC converter)

The (hopefully) interesting prompts

Don't write lengthy summaries of my questions to use up the word count - just write your post in answer to the question you choose to respond to.

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Beautiful on vacation

Describe the most beautiful thing (not person) you have seen whilst on vacation. Explain it, the situation and moment you saw it, why it was so beautiful and how it made you feel. Use photos you took yourself (because you saw it yourself after all) and write at least 350 words.

Your wish to me

Assume you could grant one single wish that would would come true...but you have to select it for me, the g-dog. What would you wish for me and why? Write at least 350 words and try to use photos you took yourself.

Weekend sharing

Share your thoughts on loss: The loss of physical or mental ability, of freedom, people in your life or of opportunity or possessions. How has the loss affected you and what have you personally done to mitigate the effects and move forward? You must write 350 words or more and try to use photos you took yourself.

Weekend word

Here's your chance to make up your own combination-word to describe a phrase, concept or something in your life. It must be one single word and you need to explain your reasoning behind it's construction. Write at least 250 words in this post. The idea is to have some fun with this one and try to use photos you took yourself.

Example: Fuckzactly

A combination of fucken exactly, used when you heartily agree with someone or something. I actually said this one day when agreeing with something a mate had said and the two words came out at the same time...I use it all the time now.

Weekend on fire

Your house is on fire - You manage to get your family and pets out of the house safely and have time to go back for only one single item. What is it and why? Remember, only one single item, not two, or three; One. Write at least 350 words explaining your choice and why and try to use photos you took yourself.

If you haven't read and complied with the guidelines I suggest you do or your post will not be deemed an entry.

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Curation may happen on posts that comply with the guidelines above - but only on quality original content and posts that comply with the general community rules. This is a chance to showcase yourself to the community and to find and build new relationships.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default, tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind - galenkp

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