Weekend-engagement 72: Scents and smells

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He was the smell of winter rain and the sound of his predator’s heartbeat...

L.J. Smith, Secret Vampire

Scents and smells are such powerful things. They transport us to fond or unpleasant memories, excite or relax and can make us feel happy or sad. Scents bring emotion, inspire passion and desire and often punctuate moments of our lives.

There's many scents I love: Vanilla, freshly cut grass, petrichor - the smell of first-rain after a period of none. The scent of a flower, cookies baking, the forest in the early morning as the sun rises - dew and earthy smells from the damp ground, the smell of my campfire deep in the wilderness as it crackles and pops, the ocean, coffee brewing in the morning with bacon and eggs sizzling, Angel by Thierry Mugler...My list is endless really.

I thought it would be super-cool to hear about what scents and smells you like or do not so read on below for the topic questions and get involved if you like.

The #weekend-engagement concept is simple; respond to the topic in the comments below then stay around and engage with others - On Monday 25th October I'll split some hive between a few who responded and engaged.

Weekend-engagement topic week 72

🔹 Option one:

Name a smell or scent you love and tell us why and what it makes you feel.


🔹 Option two:

Name a scent or smell you do not like and tell us why you don't like it.


🔹Option three:

Tell us what scent or smell transports you to a memorable moment and tell us why.

✅ Answer in the comments below
✅ Be creative and have some fun
✅ Add an image if you would like
✅ Engage below in the comments
❌ Don't drop links to external posts

Read this bit so you know what to do.

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That's the topic folks; you have until Sunday night to get your response into the comments below and I hope you'll stay around and get friendly with some of the others who participate as it'll be good to see you around over the weekend. Have a great weekend whether you engage or not though - Life's too short not to.

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