Before anyone else [BAE] - A posting contest - ENTRIES NOW CLOSED


One hundred and fifty hive in prizes

In conjunction with South African artist EGGSTA I'm running a posting contest around the theme of her new song release called BAE - before anyone else. It refers to one's significant other: Girlfriend, boyfriend, life-partner, husband, wife, best friend - Basically the one you put before anyone else. You can find EGGSTA's track here on YouTube, a smooth, funky and uplifting song featuring Lee Cole.

150 hive prize pool

The prize pool is funded by @edenmichelle (EGGSTA), @tarazkp and @galenkp. I'll be doing the judging with help from Eden and our decisions on the winners will be final.

ğŸŽµ 100 hive - 50% 1st place, 30% for 2nd and 20% for 3rd place

ğŸŽµ 50 hive - Split between a few notable mentions

Post topic: Special moments with BAE

Post about:

  • A special date or moment you have had, or would like to have
  • How you met your BAE, where and when
  • A marriage proposal made or received (yours or someone else's.)
  • The place or moment you both felt most happy
  • Tell us about a past relationship or someone you miss
  • Post about a favourite holiday or vacation with your BAE
  • Write about relationships you observe, respect or take inspiration from
  • Your parents relationship, friends or other family members
  • Fictional writing is welcomed around the BAE topic as above
  • Be creative around the topic, it's your post so have some fun

Follow these guidelines for eligibility

✅ Minimum of 200 words in English
✅Must be posted in THE WEEKEND community to be eligible (not cross-posted)
✅ Tag your post #BAE as your first tag please
✅ Original work only - no plagiarising text or images
✅ Contest runs from now to Tuesday 14 Sept 01:00 UTC

Read the guidelines above to ensure your entry is eligible

If you have any questions ask me below in the comments

Eden, aka EGGSTA, is a hard-working singer/song-writer, musician, producer and DJ and has a lot in the pipeline right now, more new tracks on the way and some great collaborations so get behind this hive-user and throw a little support her way.

Instagram: @eggstamusic

More of EGGSTA's music

Pull me out . Broken ones . Break . You & I - acoustic . What would you do for love (Nervo cover - Acoustic) . Predator . You & I - Original version

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

Discord: galenkp#9209

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