School holidays are almost over – beach weekend –Margarita Island

Happiness is just moments that we live in life, but as they come they go, so it only remains to make the most of them. It is not worth wasting a single second, because then come the regrets.

Hello dear friends of this great community @WEEKEND EXPERIENCES, today I come to greet you and wish you are enjoying an excellent, rewarding and blessed week.

In my country, Venezuela, school vacations are scheduled to be enjoyed from July 15 to September 15 of each year, but this year, by order of the Ministry of Education, vacations were extended until August 3, so for this reason In my house we have been able to enjoy even more of many days off, it is that we have not stopped doing things and I tell you I am not complaining on the contrary I thank God for being able to have the privilege of having so many spaces for leisure and recreation on our Island daisy.

more at home than on the street, this type of work is not recognized by many, but I can tell you that professionally I have been working since I was 22 years old and I had never had a vacation so long hahahaha so coming from more than 2 long and terrifying years of the Covid-19 Pandemic I can assure you that these vacations for both my family and myself have been one of the best, mainly because I have rested a lot since I come from days very hard if we talk about the school issue and my children have enjoyed each and every one of their days, especially they were able to share with their first cousin who spent 1 month spending vacations at home, that was an excellent gift, that on the one hand but on the My other oldest son has been able to meet frequently with classmates to share pleasant moments, because for them being able to meet in spaces outside of school is of maximum satisfaction. action and I understand them because I also went through that stage and I loved enjoying a well-deserved vacation with my schoolmates.

On this occasion, my son and other schoolmates agreed to go to the beach and enjoy what would be the last weekend at the beach for now, because next Monday, October 3, they will return to school again and this weekend next week should be to rest and order everything you need to start with everything, which is already going to be a slide because the first school term ends on December 8.

So without thinking about it as always, I supported my son in getting together with his friends, because I would also enjoy a delicious day, likewise I took a niece to have fun with my youngest daughter and we went to the beach, we went buying pepitos, soft drinks, bread, custard and a wine to share later with my husband who after some work errands would join us for a while at the end of the afternoon.

We went to a beach that we recently visited, it is a bit far from where we live, but in my opinion it is worth making the sacrifice to get there because it is one of the best beaches I have ever seen and look, I know almost all the beaches in the Island and I say almost all of them because in the month of April I visited a beach and this month I visited another, so I have no doubt that there are still a few more to discover. And look, I can tell you that everyone at home loves the beach except my husband, but if it were up to my children and me we would live and sleep in the sea, in fact, we have lived the experience of bathing at night and have even been until late at night enjoying the moon and I can tell you that it is extremely relaxing, it is a wonderful experience. Walking on the sand under the moonlight is simply extraordinary.

This beach is beautiful, special to share with family, as well as friends, to celebrate birthdays and any other celebration. It is a short bay, it has no waves, it seems ideal for children and adults too, calm, warm and crystal clear waters.

It is a beach that, because it is small, fills up very easily with many people and on weekends it overflows, under the coconut trees people gather to make barbecues and stews, or simply spread out a blanket and sit down to talk.

It is an ideal space to meet groups of friends, I was able to take some photos where a group of young people made some human towers, both in the sand and on the beach.

If we talk about playing in the sand, children have fun with the ball.

Also dancing.

We can have fun taking spectacular shots, pretending to grab the lighthouse.

We can see boats pass by since the coast guard is located next to the beach, so it is a very busy place.

If we are lucky we can also get some fresh fish for sale from the sea, that is, fresh.

I can really tell you that it is a spectacular beach, if one day you come to visit Margarita Island, do not hesitate to meet them, I assure you that you will love it, that is, I recommend you to bring everything to eat because this beach does not have food sales service and If you want to be calmer away from so many people, do not visit it on weekends, preferably starting the week it will be more alone.

Dear friends, I hope you have enjoyed this tour as much as it has for me and at some point you can enjoy it with your loved ones, this bay is called Bayside. Thank you for reading my post and supporting me in the stories of my family life. All photos are my property. Banner created by @floreudys79 with Canvas App.


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