Always excited for the weekend because it's another weekend-engagement on the @weekendexperiences community where various topics of positive impacts are engaged in. I'm @fab-tay and 'am glad to put an entry for this week 199 engagement where i will discuss on various upgrades i experienced in the last two decades (twenty years) citing specific examples and imparts. Its going to be an awesome read. Special thanks to @galenkp for the good work. The last twenty years (2004-2024) was a remarkable one for me as i experienced different upgrades i.e. positive changes as i so desired. This cut across different parts of me which includes (but not limited to) academic/professional upgrade, marital status changed and musical advancement. The first to start with is the changed from being a student (secondary, University) to a graduate and now to a working class all within the space of two decades. I have experienced the different levels of academic upgrades as designed by my country and now in for postgraduate studies (advanced studies). Likewise, i started a career journey of Pharmacy by firstly gaining admission to the university to study the course, graduated and got inducted into the profession within this space of last twenty years. These two changes of academic and professional upgrades had positive impart on me as they prepared me for a fulfilling future and the lessons learnt in the process/training equiped me for the life I'm living now. In addition, i witnessed a change of status as regards maritals in these last two decades as i changed from been a single man (bachelor) and became a married man. During my singlehood period, i learnt some basic life lessons from my mentors, books, trainings etc which all shaped me for a rounded life as a prepared married man. Now, by this change of status, I now live life and do life with my wife and these combined efforts is far better than when i was alone. Also, this change came with responsibilities which are vital instruments in the becoming a man i desired to be. Also, i witnessed a change musically as the last two decades marks a remarkable upgrade for me. I started the learning right in my Junior School which about the start of the last two decades and looking back now, i can say i have gone far beyond where i started. By consistent practice, rearshals and exposure especially during my undergraduate studies in the university, i am much improved in the span of these two decades. Also, in these last two decades, i bought my own personnal electric 🎹 and
also started at a music school for a better, rounded and formal understanding of music. I can boldly say that the last two decades are of great memories of a journey unto becoming a man of desire on all sides. I added little flesh😀 and small height as well though not as much. These are some of the changes i experienced in the last two decades with their positive effects. Thanks so much for reading and comments are welcomed.


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