My weekend we'll spent at the local pork meat and palm wine bar

Hello everyone, how are you doing and how was the weekend? I trust you had a fun-full weekend, I did well and I will be sharing my experience here with you.

It all started when an old friend of mine came into the state, he asked me where can he get a nice treat, I was thinking he wanted to eat in a restaurant, so I quickly mentioned the best we have around, bit smile and told he has been away for letting long that he needed something local to take care of his tummy.

I just recall this local pork meat bar where I normally visit to get nice treats as a lady that likes pleasure. The pork meat bar is about 20 minutes from my house, so we didn't even bother taking a vehicle, we just strolled down to the bar, walking and gisting.

Reaching there we ordered for a plate of pork with palm wine drink, we just need to make our fun the local way it been long since I visited this bar, they prepare one of the best pork around my town, well garnish with pepper, we ate and drink, I just like the palm wine drink because it is naturally gotten from the palm tree, and it is not processed rather it is served raw the way it was tapped. Those of us from #Nigeria knows this drink because it is common here, we tap it and we consume it naturally, or can be processed to find but I like this raw wine.



A stick of the pork is just #100 Nigeria currency so it not that costly and a bottle of the Palm wine is just #200, so you can try this out during your weekend with families and friends, trust me it tastes delicious, I can assure you, you won't regret it and the best thing is it is affordable.


So I didn't what to enjoy alone that why I'm sharing with you, I will love to hear your comment after you get a bite🀣😁😁🀣.

Thanks for reading my post, please feel free to comment on the comment box and do well to stop by next time thanks 😘.

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