"My most enjoyable moments spent in nature"

There is so much beauty in nature, if you could open your inner eyes, you would come to enjoy and value that awesome beauty nature has.

WHEN AND WHERE? This memory is always fresh in my mind cause I captured it to my heart. It is in summer, those very very unfriendly scorching sun pushed me to the stream that afternoon. But that particular day, I wasn't just grateful for the stream in my village but I was more grateful because that day I had the stream to my self, all to my self.

I was amazed at first that no one else was in the stream but I soon forgot those when I saw the calmness of the stream. The blue sky above sharing its colour to the top of the stream then the beautiful greenish Bush surrounding the stream
sharing its colour with lower part of the stream, the gentle breeze, the beautiful and colourful birds perching on the bushes and probably asking who is this intruder? But I didn't feel like I was intruding, I felt like, I have been found but still lost. I felt blessed, loved, beautiful and thankful.


I stood for some minutes, not wanting to scare away those beautiful birds or spoil that perfect moment, nature was sharing and enjoying with its friends. Then I gently sat down very close to the stream, I felt as if I could understand what nature was saying, it felt as if the birds brought messages from the sky to the stream, and after delivering its message stayed back to share more moments with the stream.

I finally went in, slowly, not wanting to disrupt the calmness of the stream and its companion, i had already forgotten the unfriendly scorching sun. I settled where I could, and deep myself right inside the Stream, its coldness was very much welcomed by me. I looked at the sky, the birds, the stream, felt the presence of the cool breeze, then I realized something, nature taught me something. Nature taught me that there's beauty in coming together, understanding each other and sharing with each other. There's beauty and strength!

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