A mystery I'd love to solve.

I really appreciate @galenkp and #theweekend community for their effort and commitment to keep everyone active. It's such a great topic I must confess!.

I would definitely go for one mystery, thousands of times. A mystery that takes place in every one's lives, not minding your colours, country, your stature or statue. Doesn't even asks for permission to be invited in. And what is this mystery?

LOVE! This is a mystery I am still finding it hard to figure out how it works, because it works separately for different people.


If you are part of those who disbelief love exist then I am telling you that Love is really in existence.

What is this mystery in love that I want to unravel?

It takes as much as it gives, how? Because it give you the most beautiful feelings, the smiles, joy, memories you want to create, calls, text messages, chats, the love and wanting to spend your entire life with that person.

Love also gives worst of pains, bitterness, regrets of beautiful memories created, revenge and some very! very! emotional ones who thinks they can't go on ends up taking their own life. So why does love give so much love and afterwards so much pain?. So if I am allowed to solve this mystery, I would ask love itself many questions and plead for love to give us just one of his kind, which is the beauty and joy it makes one feel. But on the other hand, I have also realized that if love gives us just one of his kind, there would be it's fake everywhere, so the other kind helps you to find out if the other person can stand and wait when battle arises, the other kind opens your eyes to see true love, real love.


Love is deep, very deep, hard to understand, complicated at times, hurts badly but when you gets that feeling, you will fight to hold on to that feeling.

Love is the greatest mystery ever, so let's journey together to unravel its secret, probably we might crack its walls.

Thanks for going through this post, I love you all

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