Weekend experience: Perception Change

"This life is hard, you need enough money to live comfortably, you need to save and invest billions for your children, you need to dress well to attract people, etc." Well I don't believe the above story, I'm one of the simplest guys I've ever known, more like a minimalist. Sometimes I suspect I have a trait I share with the Hadzabe tribe in Tanzania. I believe in living a simple life, one step at a time and making billions isn't my concern, my problem doesn't go above man's three basic needs. As much as these perspectives of mine about life have saved me unnecessary pressure, it has made me feel comfortable in living as a mediocre person.

Some years ago we had a family friend who lived with us. He was the complete opposite of who I was, at one point we nicknamed him MMM(Making money machine) and had the slogan "making money is my hobby". He wasn't comfortable with mediocrity and he was hardworking. Though very brilliant, he has more than 5 additional skills including web design. He wanted to build himself up into a position where he was available for opportunities. He had big dreams, unlike me, surviving wasn't his goal, he wanted to get to a position with abundance of wealth.

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Recently, I started to see the need to build wealth. I realized living just comfortably with a daily meal doesn't place me in a position to help others. I want to break out of that shell and fly away to places I could make an impact but then It's difficult to break out from my old belief. In the past I already created a system that made me lazy to imagine big things and breakforth from my comfort. It's difficult to change these perspectives of a simple life and start to see it differently.

The name of this guy is Micheal. If I need to change my perspective For a while, I'd like to change it to fit Micheal. This would help free me from the freedom I feel in my comfort zone. Micheal is a guy who doesn't believe in comfort, he sleeps late and wakes very early, and doesn't give excuses. He sees life as a battlefield as described by Darwin where only the fits survive. I have noticed over time that I'm quick to learn and I do every task given to me perfectly, but my love for comfort has become my enemy. If I could be Micheal for a weekend, I believe there's a lot I'll achieve breaking out from those comforts that had tied me down.

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