Hello weekend experiences community, I wish everyone a lovely Easter weekend, And I hope everyone gets to have a nice chocolate and also get some days off work to relax.

(photo is mine)

worst punishment I ever received was from my mother, well I don’t think I could ever forget that in a hurry because my mother actually gave me the beating of life. I was only 16years old, I had just finished senior secondary school and my parents enrolled my younger sister and I at a computer training center, that fateful day my sister and I was done with our training early enough and I decided that she should follow me to a my friends house who was actually asking me out.

That decision was actually a very bad idea, we would have just gone home straight though but still we went visiting, we got there at around 12pm in the afternoon, while we were there we got carried away and lost track of time, when I finally realized that the time was fast spent it was already 4pm in the evening, and my mother came back from the market really early and was already checking the time for us, on our way back I decided to buy roasted corn because I really liked eating it, when we entered the compound I could hear my mother’s voice, it was at that time I knew I was dead!!

We entered and greeted but instead of mother to answer the greeting, she answered it with, where are you guys coming from? Fear gripped me immediately because we ought to be at home since, I was stammering and shaking, she immediately asked us to kneel down, as I was going down on my knees, my mother was adding a very dirty slap along with it, my younger sister bursted into hot tears although I was the one that was been slapped, I got the beating of life that day, my mother also ate the roasted corn… since then I never visited any boy till I became an adult.


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