Nervous, Excited, Scared

Hi fellow Weekenders,

Today I am embarking on a foreign journey: a totally new job and company!


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Nervous, Excited, Scared

One of the things that’s difficult at best is transitioning between jobs. Add in that the uncertainty and all that with the current world situation and it’s a recipe for a whole lot of stress.

I recently made the decision to leave my current job. I’ve worked in the same place for nearly 9 years and within the same company for over 15 years. Needless to say it was my comfort zone! We had been toying with the idea to change jobs for a while but I needed the right amount of experience in my current role in order for me to be a good candidate to leave and transition to another role elsewhere. Will the grass be greener on the other side? Or will it be scorched earth? I would love to just have it be a nice middle of the road at a minimum! Green fields full of flowers, honey bees and money would be nice.


One unfortunate situation led to another and there I was, interviewing with a company I had wanted to work for, at least for a period of time, with the desire to transition over to them. Granted the company is a large one and it will be a fair amount of work, perhaps more than what I’m doing right now but these things happen and we have to do what we can while we can.

With the new job though comes a fair amount of added stress. I’m the low man on the totem pole when it comes to things so that’s always a little tricky to handle. Will I get the shit work that’s way more effort than the other folks want to expend? I certainly hope not. I don’t want to say that I can’t handle work however I want to be set up for success and it would be beneficial if I can have a good start to then build upon. I am one that likes to build things with good foundations instead of haphazard.

Then comes the stress of being the primary worker in the house. My wife, Siena, runs our own small business and does a remarkable job at it however it doesn’t bring in enough money to pay the bills. It’s covering the extra curricular stuff for the little man which is fantastic but it couldn’t sustain us if something happened. That’s the biggest thing she’s worried about and expressed which is a valid point, one that has woken me up at 2 and 3 in the morning the past week or so worrying.

With the change to the new endeavor though comes the positive direction I am heading in. I have been trying to figure out a way to get out of my primary industry and into one that works with it, to eventually get into one that isn’t involved in it at all. The industry has changed and not a direction I agree with. I know things change in life however some change is certainly for the worst instead of the better.

With all of these mixed emotions it’s proving difficult to sleep as well as be excited for the new direction I am heading in. I know I have a lot of skill and knowledge which has served me well in the past and in my different roles. The uncertainty of the world right now is just putting a damper on what should be a joyous occasion. I think that’s one of the worst parts of the psychological damage that’s being fomented right now.

Update to this as I'm scheduling it: I happened to talk to two current colleagues and they both worked for the company I will be embarking my next journey in and I feel better about the change after speaking with them. It's difficult jumping into things mostly blind but with some help, we can get where we need to be. I'm glad that I got to talk to them, it really improved my mood!

This will sadly be my last post from my old work laptop. It was really great to have it, made posting things far easier! I don't know if I will venture into adding the things on my new work laptop that I did my old, so we'll see how things turn out. Maybe I'll buy a hard drive for my other laptop and get that updated and working so I can post much easier!

Update 2! After writing this a few days ago and going through my last day at work today, I talked to a few more people and I am feeling a lot better and more confident about my decision. They were all great and nice but assured me the company I work for is well known and will be a great place for me to work. I felt a lot better hearing it from more people so I’m not doom and gloom! I don’t want to edit the whole post though, I was truly shitting bricks earlier this week lol

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