Week 199, Frog jum was the worst punishment I received from my parents.

What was the worst punishment you received from your parents? What was it, why did it happen and how did you learn (or not learn) from it? Remember to use your own photos.

Growing up as a child, i was very stubborn even during my teen's. I hated attending to house chores though am a girl child. The reason behind it is, i have three elder sisters, i expected them to attend to the chores not me. So, each time they sent me to do any of the chores, i refused. One day, we where instructed by my late Mom to go and work on our farm land. On getting there, i refused to do anything while my two elder siblings were busy tilling the soil. Instead of joining them to work, i started exchanging words with them when they were asking me to pick up a hole and join them.

One of my sister's then who came back from the Northern part of the country started chesting after me. I started running in the bush and unfortunately for me, she grabbed me and gave me a hurt slapp. In other to revenge back, I splited on her face and run away.

I didn't entered our house until Mom returned from the market. She saw me hanging outside the entrance of the compound. She took me home and asked what happened and why my senior siblings should allow me stay outside by that time of the night. They disclosed to her all that i did. She asked them to give me food. Inside my heart i thought i was safe. Immediately i finished eating. Mom asked me what happened, i explained to her. She said my complaints in the house is much and because of that, I won't go Scott free. I was asked to do a frog jum. From the entrance of our compound to the backyard for good 20 time's. It wasn't easy at all. At point, i couldn't jump again and all my body started shaking.

Honestly i learned my lessons that day. I started respecting my elder siblings and attend to house chores because they told me that frog jump will always be my punishment if i misbehave. So, I don't want to experience it again. The worst part of it all is that, while i was jumping, they were following me at the back with cane. If i stop to rest, i will receive a stroke at my back. And if i jump higher than expected, i receive a stroke on my legs. This military punishment from my parents thought me that disobedience to parents and lack of respect is not good. Because it can only attract punishment. And today, am training my own child to be better than me based on the punishment i recieved from my parents.

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