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#LIBRARYLIFE weekend experiences

Its saturday, in the mothersday weekend and that means alot. Soccer, groceries, laundry and many more things i didn’t have time for during the week. But today we had a fun task.
The library, and tomorrow , well thats mums day but all is a surprise.

Its the last semester of the schoolyard ( 2022-2023 ) time flies, and they grow up way to fast. The year for all 4 kids all with different end dates. Two in july, one end of may and one 3rd week of june. For the two oldest that’s without help from us, they know the way to to library and study ( almost ) without help. I have to say we do help but in a different way. We read stuff at the end of a project.
But the two youngest have their last annual assignment for this year and it’s a book script and a literary mindmap.
Books have to be award winners or written by prize winner authors.
Ok that is do-able, but with a library pass preferably. All the books under one roof and help from professionals.


images made by me today

We had to get them their own subscription to let them go and borrow books.
Reading is so important and can never be enough. Even with a semi-hobby blogger for a mum it’s nesseccary to know how to read but also analyse words and stories.
We looked at the signs with the house rules and we got a card with all the different signs and categories explained.
Very handy and they both got one to use as a bookledger and to learn the categories.


images made by me today

I have to admitt there is so much and there are so many categories that we could spend a day here and be lost in Dutch.
Both in books and magazines. There is also a newspaper corner with all the big Dutch papers there free to read.


images made by me today


images made by me today

Dutch is also an exam. Both reading, grammer and spelling. So you understand being a responsible parent we had to make a stop by the library and get them both registered.
In themes picture I made you also see that the first floor has an industrial look and very open and wide. Inviting to go and take a seat and be silent for a bit and read the book you wanted but buying is to expensive.


images made by me today

I loved the floors, the wood made it rich and the carpet made it not to loud when people walked in the library. It was silent but nice. Nice to feel the positive open atmosphere of a new place where the kids are even not busy on their phone because they liked it as much as me the boring mum with th library idea on a Saturday.

Or it’s because it’s Mother’s Day weekend,
Lets just endulge me and say it’s because I had a great idea.

The library is cool and huge. The amount of books is great. The fact that we have a university library near the Markthal is for us not the one we like the kids to go to. It’s in the middle of the centre and than they have to be on public transport on their own. The two oldest have a subscription there, but this time is on the west side in the suburbs of the city.


images made by me today

Its very modern and light. The open book cases and the many seating areas are very inviting. Both the boys are surprised and like that a lady immediately came to help us. That the library is open on Saturday is great, for me because today after #soccersaturday it’s possible for me go with them and do a walk trough and learn what there is to know. And I must say there is so much. There are so many possibilities and the fact that all is also digital is for the next generation super exciting. The library is with WiFi and there is a possibility to print and rent spoken books, dvd’s and magazines. I saw sewing magazines so I might tag along once in a while.


images made by me today

Like you see there are also pc’s available for free for when you do t own one yourself.
All is logged in with your personal library password. Again free WiFi and available for one hour at the time. To let as many people have their time and go behind the screen.
The exam period has started in the Netherlands so we saw many students , 16 and 18 year olds studying or making notes from books. We got a tour and the lady showed the boys around and explained all the signs on teh back of the books and how they can rent and return a book.
We got passes made and passwords made to immediately activate the pas at the entrance terminal. I saw it felt good and their faces lighted up when they saw how easy all was made and the opportunities to be close to the resources needed to get their assignments done all in one place about 15 minutes by bike. Or on Saturday when one of us can take them.
The library is also open some evenings.


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I also saw that there is a Dutch class available for refugees. It reminded me of Almere but also Rotterdam where we helped right after Ukraine needed help.


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The two little houses ( two images up in this blog ) are for groups that want a place to study, have a meeting or just sit together and be a bit more secluded. I loved the idea, concept I never saw before. Also with WiFi and usb ports to upload or use power while doing what you need.


images made by me today

All in all like all Dutch libraries very inviting and also great to get the boys even more excited to mail some assignments.
I hope it stays this way and I will tag along for sure. I love some genres I saw in some bookcases and on some shelves on the first floor and the couch and chairs looked very inviting to sit and just read. Me time 2.0!


images made by me today

I made so many pictures, just to get the vibe across.
Hope that worked, it did for us. We are fans already !


Its allowed to get a tea or a coffee , and than sit here in this chair all by myself, A new hideaway if I need BRI-TIME

I will keep you informed when we will go and what we loaned. For now we took this book and it’s a book that win a prize. That was one of the rules. I needed to be a book that won a prize, so that is the first part of the assignment done.


images made by me today

The costs were 0!!
When kids are under 18 in Holland the libraries are free. You can borrow 10 books a month. You may also borrow listening book and dvd’s.

Untill next time,
We will be reading.

Until we read again, Thanks for stopping by,
its appreciated and remember always focus on being creative instead of being bee-zy.

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images made by me today

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