How I Evolved..... weekend-engagement #199.

Happy weekend everyone!

Time.....a substance that is highly essential yet no one has control over it. "How time flies" is a popular mantra, shed from the lips of many who are trying to catch up on lost time or simply reminisce on memories gone by.

Twenty years ago, I was a fourteen year old teenager. I was bold, fearless and determined to conquer the world plus let's not forget the streak of stubbornness shall we, hehe.

One major trait that made that era of time for me significant was my attitude. I was angry at virtually everything and everyone and this reflected in the way I dealt with the people I came in contact with. My anger over things I could not control was vented out as rudeness whenever I communicated. I noticed after a while that many people within my sphere of contact began to be wary of me.

It got to a point that it became like a name tag attached to my name. Hey, that's her, the girl with the foul mouth. You better watch your way around her, don't let her open her mouth... These were the words of those who had at some point encountered me and my attitude.

Some years later, I think I was seventeen then, an issue occurred which upset me and as usual, I opened my mouth to let the "bees sting", only this time I met a different opponent. He was older than me I believe with about ten years and one single sentence from him got me thinking for many days. He wasn't rude like to me like I was to him but he qas bold enough to look me in the eye and tell me to "get off my high horse". Shocked at his words, I was determined to turn a new leaf and so my journey to looking at life in a positive light began.

To all the books, tapes and motivational talk shows, real life testimonies that helped my journey, I am glad,r because looking at how much my life has improved, twenty years down the line, I can see evident changes that has led to major breakthroughs in my life. My attitude took an evident upward change for the better and that tag has long since been replaced with " hey that's Becky, the nice lady who helped me out" or "She's such a fun and sweet person to be around with".

In my field as an educationist, I would not be successful as I am today if I had not worked on my attitude all those years ago. I have grown wiser, prettier, wittier, more confident and always ready to take on a new challenge, all because of that transformation in my attitude. Indeed, there's truth in this saying...

Your attitude determines your altitude.

This is my response to the prompt of the #weekendengagement #199 for the #weekendexperience community.

Thank you all for reading... shalom.

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