The guy who imparted me with crypto knowledge

Hello everyone, today I'll be talking about someone who has been very influential in my life.

All God's angels come to us disguised. -- James Russell Lowell


@k-banti has been one of the angels in my life so far.

It all started after I finished secondary (high) school. I wasn't used to the whole process of making money, as I went to a boarding school, and everything we needed was typically given to us whenever we needed it. We didn't even use real money, we were given a piece of paper called "purchase cheque" (which was part of our school fees). Every month we'd be given $7, for stationeries.


So, after school I really struggled in terms of finances. My parents were giving me some money, but it never seemed to be enough, and I'm not the type of person who likes to be a burden to people. So I struggled a lot during my diploma program. There was also the thought of not having any savings towards the future. Everything just seemed so difficult. I managed to pull through and survived majority of the program. Exams were coming, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to continue at that rate. I had to find a way to make some money, no matter how small, just to give myself a little breathing space.

Luckily (or rather unluckily) covid-19 came and there was the first lockdown. I stayed at my aunt's place because it was closer. Luckily for me, k-banti was also staying there.


One day, I was narrating all my school struggles to him, and he said he could totally relate. I asked him how he managed to survive, and he told me cryptocurrency has helped him a lot. He also said he'll show me something else when I was done learning the basics (in my mind I was like "hope he's not doing anything dubious"). Initially I was a bit skeptical, because of all the crypto smart contracts (ponzi schemes) I've gotten to earlier that failed. But he was a living proof that crypto wasn't all I thought it was.

He taught me about the various currencies, how to use binance, how to use trust wallet. A little bit of how to use E.M.A to know whether a coin is bullish or not. He even gave me a little money to start my journey.




When I started trading, it started out so well, I bought bnb during its first major pump and I nearly tripled my investment (if I can remember clearly) in the first week. I was overjoyed, In my head it was like

is this really how easy it is?

I managed to finish my exams In a relatively comfortable position, though I had to be going from home.


My overeagerness did get me eventually. After that major bnb pump, I spread my income into almost any crypto, and things went downhill. I lost a lot of the profit I'd made and eventually started eating into my capital. This was when I went back to ask k-banti what was the other thing he said he'd show me. Finally he showed me hive. He said he wanted me to have some understanding of cryptocurrency before venturing into hive. I was a bit angry he didn't show me initially, but now I totally understand why. Without a little crypto knowledge, a lot of things here would seem strange to me.


My Hive journey started quite slowly, but it's been uphill for the last few months. I've made a few decent bucks, and In the process of staking, I'm securing my future. So my mind is at ease at the moment. I don't have to disturb my parents for every little financial need. I am very very grateful to him for showing me the right path. At times I look back and think what life would be like, if he hadn't introduced me to crypto and hive.


This is my entry (somewhat late, but the weekend isn't over just yet) to @galenkp's weekend engagement contest. it's a bit too late to join in, but there's always next week.



Thank you for reading this post. Your support, feedback, and reblogs are greatly appreciated. Have a blessed day.

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