A joyful Weekend


Happy Wednesday dear Hivers.
I hope we are all doing well.

Today, I am here with the story of my weekend. I was supposed to write this earlier but it is coming late because on Monday and Tuesday I had to write posts for two contests whose deadlies were on the head, and I can hardly write one post a day, so this post is coming late. Ta da! But as per the rules of community I can write any day of the week as far as it is about the weekend. It means I am not late. Lol.

Last weekend I wrote about A Mishaps Filled Weekend. It told about a series of mishaps I faced that day while this post is about a weakend that was filled with a series of joy. This is what we call time. It never remains same. It changes and changes with it the circumstances and happenings. The important is to let yourself down by the difficulties, and celebrate every bit of the goodies around. Good and bad, both pass away, so do with them what is the best for your well-being.

Let me start the weekend story. Last Wednesday when I tap the ❤ button on a post I was shocked to see my voting power. It was 0.08. I wondered what has happened to my account. "Has the value of hive has touched two dollars or someone has delegated me a big hp?" I instantly jumped into my wallet and what I saw. 1000 hp were delegated to me by @whatamidoing. I have never accrossed with this user. I didn't know the reason behind this delegation. I wanted to thank him/her for this surprise so I tried to send a message via bee chat. Lol. But I couldn't figure out how to send a message. (Don't mind me, please. There are several things I still need to learn about Hive.). Well, on Friday I found out the reason behind this delegation. The post by @starstrings01 revealed that I was the winner of last cross-cultural contest. I had not thought of it. It was a big surprise. This was the first time I won any contest on Hive. I want to take this opportunity to thank the contest organizers.

Thank you so much @starstrings01 and @whatamidoing for this kind support.

I had been lately telling @sofs-su that it seems difficult to win any contest among so many great content writers. She replied I will be winning soon, and here I was with the victory. I must say @sofs-su has always believed me more than myself. Lol. Though she has always been telling me to believe myself.

With this knowledge of winning the contest, it was the good start for the coming weekend, and the goodies extended to the Saturday. Early in the morning, I found out that was among the top five winners of #dreemportchallenge organized by @dreemport. Winning two contests in two days. Awesome!! In my four enteries, it was the first time I could appear in top 5.

On that day there was parents teacher meeting at the school of my younger son. Some joyful moments were also there for me. His teacher said that the boy is doing well. She has no complaints about him. He is intelligent and obedient, and does his work on time. It was all good to hear as I have been very worried about the studies of my elder son. The teacher also told about some activities that help building fine motor muscles (and thus in writing skills). She said give your child a sponge and let him dip it in water. Then ask him to press it. This dip and press activity is very helpful. I realized I can use it for my elder son as well who is not fond of writing and try to avoid it as much as he can.

The Sunday was busy, yet it went well without any mishaps 😂. On the Monday morning (ok, I know Monday is not included in the weekend but it was still Sunday in some parts of the world. Lol. Lame excuse!) I found out that I stood second in #pob-wotw contest. Woohoo! It was my 8th entry in the weekly contest and it was the first time I was in the top 2. This way it was a wonderful end of the previous week and an amazing start of the following week. I hope the blessings will continue to come.

Fingers crossed.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day.

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