The healthy extends life [Week 129]

Greetings Hivers of Weekend Experiences

The healthy extends life

This week I am joining this community for the first time. After considering the various options presented to us by @galenkp, I have chosen Growing Fresh Produce for Consumption.

I hope I am not making a beginner's mistake and that I have complied with the entry guidelines.

The reasons for this decision are several and I am going to describe them to you. I have been suffering from a disease since I was five years old, which has its relapses, it stabilizes, it is not cured, it is always there. There are factors that can trigger it and that is why I have to take precautions. So I have to eat healthy and with very little salt content, that is the option. Although I confess that sometimes I have misbehaved and eaten the forbidden.

I live in the city, but vegetables and fruits, in my house are not from the supermarket. We have always opted to buy farm products, in popular markets, because they are more organic, we grow them naturally, fresher and more nutritious. I think this weekend is an excellent opportunity to start training ourselves in growing fresh produce.

Our house has no yard or open space to grow on land. But all is not lost, it could be a vegetable, fruit or herb garden in pots. I've heard of it, but haven't thought about it until now. I will read up and look into options.

I am excited to start new projects, I have no experience in gardening, but technology gives us excellent options with videos and writings for beginners. This will be my chance.

I believe that sometimes less is more, I will start with the process of recycling plastic containers, metal cans, glass containers, consumed food containers; they are less expensive than a pot and I give them the opportunity for a new use. While I train myself, developing skills, I would start with the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants in recycled containers, such as cilantro, oregano, parsley, among many others. It would be a pleasure to cook and bring mint leaves or mint, fresh and succulent, directly from the plant to the diner's plate. Plus, in case of discomfort, they would be handy for a tea or infusion.

I will review and familiarize myself with the characteristics of the pots, type of vegetables, fruits and aromatic plants that can be easily grown and harvested in this type of urban family garden, whether they are seeds or seedlings, the necessary sun, irrigation, fertilizers, nutrients, in short, many things.

With effort and interest, I am sure that it could become my place of responsibility, my favorite place, my place of healthy food, of contact with nature, my space to enjoy and have fun harvesting what feeds the family, to be sure that there are no pesticides, because I would learn to prepare organic fertilizers. It would also be useful for the family and would support the family economy with ecological awareness.

Well friends, this is my participation for this weekend. I invite those who want to join the weekend-Engagement concept, here I leave you the link

Thanks for your visit, see you soon.


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