Inseparable [Week 131]

Greetings Hivers of Weekend Experiences

I continue to enjoy myself in this wonderful community, joining the weekly call. After considering the various options presented to us by @galenkp, I have chosen to mention the most useful thing I have, this will be my participation.


For as long as I can remember, they have been my link and connection to the outside world, if I am referring to my precious corrective glasses. Today, at eighteen, we have a perfect relationship, harmonious, supportive, indissoluble, necessary, useful, among so many other adjectives. But it was not always like that, I assure you.

From my father I inherited many positive qualities, but also myopia (blurred distance vision) and astigmatism (blurred near and far vision), refractive defects, which generate me a considerable visual impairment.

The prescription glasses and I took years and years to understand each other, to accept each other, the limiting factor was always my refusal to wear them and to admit the benefits they brought me. It seems absurd what I say, the refusal to be helped, but it was.

Difficult times occurred, mainly in my school training stage, I was subjected to social pressures, some classmates harassed and bombarded me frequently with typical insults, associated with the use of corrective lenses, it was annoying and conditioning insecurities, perhaps because I felt different.

I liked my glasses, I had chosen them myself, but the pressure exerted gained more force and when I arrived at school, they immediately went into my backpack, where they remained until I finished my shift and arrived home. This further deteriorated my vision, increasing the levels of impairment. Mom did not complain to me, she did not punish me, but I could see her sadness when she saw my notebooks and noticed my mistakes, inconsistencies in writing and missing words.

Moms are tireless and mine is no exception, she devised a whole plan of persuasion, joined by many allies, doctors, family, teachers, friends and neighbors. She offered me to choose to my liking, in a vast selection of attractive frames of innumerable shapes, designs and colors, thus reinforcing ideas of beauty, subtlety and delicacy typical of girls; for his part, Dad contributed the consideration of firmness, resistance and durability, motivated by my mischievous, jumpy and restless behavior in my childhood. The rest of allies reinforced with tricks, games, characters and cartoons, which included, the use of corrective lenses.

Little by little, the strategy took effect. Step by step, I was strengthening my self-esteem, confidence, tolerance and understanding, slipping and no longer worrying about hurtful comments. Improving and strengthening the necessary relationship with my corrective lenses.

Today I can assure, that my corrective lenses are part of me to the point that many times I forget that I wear them, I am very happy with them, they are of a generous and splendid utility, they give me the personalized and exclusive opportunity, of a world of perfect shapes, of real beauty where there are no distortions, no blurred shapes. We are inseparable.

Well friends, this is my participation for this weekend. I invite those who want to join the weekend-Engagement concept, here I leave you the link

Thanks for your visit, see you soon.


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