⛰️ A beautiful day to be a part of nature 🌲❤️

Nature is my first home. All my life I have always avoided the noise and pollution of cities. Nature means serenity, renewal and peace for me. In fact, this is true for many people. We have some reasons that connect us to cities and imprison us in concrete structures. Work, education, health are compulsory reasons. But I had the chance to continue my profession in a place close to nature. I used this chance.

This weekend, we went to the Nadire canyon, which is 10 minutes away by car. This is an amazing place waiting to be discovered. Everything is in harmony here. It is one of the rare beauties untouched by human hands. There are huge stones in many places in the canyon. When viewed from above, each of these stones looks like parts of a beautiful painting. Sometimes we come here to swim. In order to swim in the river, we have to move forward by stepping on these stones. This is quite exciting. I wouldn't want it to have a normal way :)

This region is also a very nice place to have a picnic. Many families come here in their spare time and enjoy nature. We were there yesterday too. We made a chicken barbecue and then set off to drink our tea. If we hadn't forgotten our shorts for swimming, we also had swimming in our plans. If the weather is not rainy today, we are thinking of going there again for swimming.


When we arrived at our picnic spot, we chose a hill with a view. We put our things on the place where we will sit by lighting the fire to make a chicken barbecue. After we finished our priority work, we went down to the riverside for a more priority job: We were going to take pictures :)













After spending time by the river, we returned to the picnic area. Our fire had become embers. We cooked chicken and then drank tea.




While we were feeding, my friend's baby was sleeping in a hammock specially prepared for him. This period of sleep took much longer than usual. He slept for about three hours. I think the serenity of nature was good for him too. My friend also said that he was tired when we first came here. But after a while he also looked quite rested.



We came back home at eight o'clock in the evening. Before returning, we filled 30 liters of spring water from the mountains and put it in our car. It was a pretty good day. I hope it was good for you to see the photos and read this article. Goodbye :)

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