Weekend| Afternoon to Rainbow Beach with Beloved Wife

As usual, after waking up on Sundays I always accompany my wife to the beach. The beach is a place for us to vacation and also a place to find sustenance.

My wife has been selling on the beach for the past four weeks. Not far from our house there is a beautiful beach. The beach has sandy sand and foam like a rug.


But this afternoon I went to Pelangi Beach which is about twelve kilometers from where we live. We had to walk into town while enjoying the poignant atmosphere.

Rainbow beach is a historic beach where traders from abroad transit who bring merchandise from abroad. because it is directly connected to the Strait of Melaka. It's great for stopping by for big ships, because the depths of the rainbow beach are great for harbors.


The beach was once hit by the Tsunami waves, and destroyed surrounding buildings such as houses, shops and other buildings into rubble. Now the beach is being rebuilt. It has even become a tourist spot and is often visited by anglers and people who want to find a beach breeze.



I don't want to tell you at length about the beach, but I just want to write about my vacation today. Hope everyone is happy and can enjoy it in a happy state.

As soon as we arrived at Pelangi Beach, my wife was hysterical, I was surprised because we passed my sister-in-law. I also happened to be enjoying the beach and waiting for his fiancé. He went with Lia, the doll girl next door. And it was all just a coincidence not a plan.

I sighed and air from the beach. The beach is where I enjoy the sunset and coffee when the sun begins to set on the western horizon. This afternoon I didn't wait for the sun to go down, because my wife wanted to go home and didn't want to linger because she didn't take her children to the beach with me.

So in a very short time, I tried to play with the lens. I shot a few shots at the beach, as proof that I still love Weekend and intend to post in our community.

At that time, I saw a cat being pampered by some visitors, they were joking with the cat. The cat was aiming at me, my phone camera shot it really fast, caught it.

Previously, I also wanted to be photographed once with my wife. The moment was captured by my sister-in-law, and it was as if when my wife sat next to me I felt like I had found a speck of a lost dream. I want to restore all of that with the light that was once covered by the clouds.

After taking a few corners of the beach, I calculated the direction of the rock in a trepidation that I couldn't possibly do. But looking at the rock a little bit made my mind more consistent. The stones have become a pier road, which is used as a breakwater. Where one time last December made the sea no longer friendly to us.

Now it's time for me to go home. But wait, it's a lighthouse from afar, I also immortalized that marker on my trip. cool isn't it? Finally, I decided to go back home.


Oh yes, I forgot. In my trip today I also capture a beautiful flower that thrives in the garden around the beach, how was your weekend story today?



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