Landrover Diaries: 2A Restoration Begins


'Are you sure you want to do this' he asks.

'Um' I smile, and jot a 'for and against' list, as we usually do before we start a big project.

You see, we were going to sell Betty, our Series 2A Landrover ute, because we were already doing a Landrover Defender (see previous posts) and we'd also done up a Series 3. It was time to start living life, not spending all our time and money on old cars (and boats, but that's another story).

But when Melbourne entered Lockdown 6.0, we needed a project to both sink our teeth into. And I kept thinking of that beautiful marine blue... so the table looked a little like this:


Well, if a pro table looks like that, fuck it, right?


And so, today. Day one of Lockdown. We had to tidy a section of the shed, first. As I'd taken on the role of project manager, it was up to me to make sure there were shelves to put all our boxes of parts in an organised manner. Also, make tea.


After that job was done, we started to pull the panels apart!! It's kinda easy in a way as it's like giant lego, but some of those bolts and screws were pretty hard to undo. I spent a lot of time just watching or holding the nut in place or organising snap lock bags and boxes of bolts, and making notes about what we needed to buy. We feel pretty organised, that's for sure, more so than when we did the Series 3. And Jamie feels happy that I'm interested and helping out.



By 5 pm, we'd got nearly all the panels off apart from the bulkhead and windscreen. Tomorrow we'll try to get the engine out if it's not raining, and Jamie has decided that rather than getting it sandblasted, he'll just do it himself. I mean, what else is lockdwon for?

With Love,


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