The Mercedes Benz eSprinter has landed

The new Mercedes Benz 2021 Electric Sprinter has now arrived, we have it for 7 days, you'll likely remember last year we had the Electric Vito, well this has been on the cards for a few months, and it's finally here.

We have a few things planned for the van, we've recently written a few posts about widening the area infront of the houses to allow a car onto one of the lawns, we realised the changes required more gravel and stones and the lawn also needed rolling.

This got us thinking and we plan to pickup 4-500kg of stones, sand, plant pots and a roller, this presents the perfect scenario to test the range and performance whilst underload.

The eSprinter is available in one size L2 H2 with FWD only and can carry 724kg, it has a 114bhp 85kw Electric motor and 55kWh battery, 295nm of torque and a range of 96m, it has regen braking and can recoup power to it's battery.

This is a quick video of our idea and the Mercedes Benz eSprinter being unloaded and driven to us to take delivery.

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