New Lada Niva Legend 2021 First Look Courtesy of The Mud Life

Greetings! This is going to be a short post, as we are attending Goodwood Festival of Speed - the first one in two years!

Join Ben as he has a first look at the new Lada Niva Legend. As you know, he attends local car events, and this one turned up at the recent Cockerham meet, and not only is it brand new, it's a press vehicle.

These are now being imported into the U.K. and you can get one for around £19,000.00

It's powered by 1.7L petrol engine, it's 4WD, and essentially, builds on the classic Niva.

More to follow once we get one on review.

Check in to see our updates from Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021!

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