Ferrari versus Lamborghini: Comparison, Differences and Performance.


History of Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari founded the Ferrari company in 1947.
The "1947 125 S" was the first motor vehicle produced by Ferrari at the Maranello factory.

Ferrari has won 235 F1 and a total of 16 F1 constructors' championships as of 2018. This number exceeds any other sports company in history.
The Ferrari rear-mounted race car was introduced in 1973 with the mid-engine V8 2+2 and the company's lineup of Dino 308 GT4 V8.
With the launch of the V8, the company 2+2 received the Ferrari name in 1976.

From the 70s to the 90s the company produced a range of V8s with such models as the F40, 308 GTS, F355 Berlinetta.
After the 2000s the company continued to expand with models such as the California T, 360 Modena, and 458 Italia.




Lamborghini History

“Lamborghini Automobili” was launched by Ferruccio Lamborghini, a tractor designer in 1963 when Enzo Ferrari accused him of having poor after-sales service, and he started Lamborghini because he knew the shortcomings of the Ferrari 250 GT line.
Lamborghini's first production was the 350 GT which debuted in March 1964 at the Geneva Motor Show.
Lamborghini's landmark model named Miuara along with a transversely mounted V12. Mini inspired him. The Miura was the first true supercar that many considered.
In 1971, Lamborghini's first angular style whose production began in 1974 and became the most recognizable design in the entire history of the company.
The Lamborghini company became popular in the 70s, and 80s because of films like "Cannonball" and "Wolf Racing Wing".
With the presence of the 5000 valve Quattro, Lamborghini gets power and has a crazy fresh design and is a direct competitor to the automotive icon Ferrari Testarossa of the 80s.
Models such as the Diablo VT, Gallardo Superleggera, Murcielago LP670 SV, and several recent models such as the Huracan Performance, Urus, and Aventador SVJ are ruling the world.



Ferrari performance style

Power: The V8 and V12 engine lines are used in the Ferrari engine line. Ferrari's superfast 812 model has the most powerful naturally aspirated engine "6.5 liter V12," which produces 789hp.

Style: Ferrari car models are known for their elegant sweeping designs that employ hidden aerodynamics such as active aero and ground effects, eliminating the need for outer wings.


Lamborghini Performance and Style

Power: a naturally aspirated V10 engine, a naturally aspirated V12 and a twin-turbo V8 engine are used in Lamborghini. The 217mph Aventador SVJ is the most powerful Lamborghini in existence. It has the most powerful engine made by Lamborghini "6.5liter V12'' which can produce 759hp.

Style: Low-profile Lamborghini models, sharp-edged exterior aerodynamics, and prominently displayed aero and active wings.


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