My friend took me to help buy a Ferrari.

A few years ago, my friend had a great idea! It was very interesting, and it had a lot of potential.

In Russia, cars are quite expensive, such as normal cars, like my little BMW 1 series, but cars like Ferraris and Lambos are usually cheaper than some other countries. His idea was to buy a supercar and ship it abroad to make a profit.

He asked me to look over a beautiful black Ferrari 360, but my friends, Russian friend messed up the phone call, which meant, when I arrived to look at the car, there was someone already there, buying it. It looked like some kind of dodgy deal lol. you know the type, where someone turns up, with a briefcase full of cash full of money, with the owner getting his driver in the S63 to check it.

Anyway, I said don't worry to my friend as there were plenty about.


The week later he found a Yellow F430 in bright yellow, with the Hamann kit on, at the Volvo dealership. I think it was a trade-in against a new top of the range XC90.

Anyway, it took ages for the salesman who was handling the sale to appear. 30 minutes later he turned up, not knowing much about it.


The car seemed ok, looking around it, bear in mind I am limited in what I can check, as I don't have access to a ramp.

The car sat low, as it had been modified, and the salesman took me for a spin in it.

It sounded great, very loud with its aftermarket exhaust, but when he started driving, the suspension started banging over every little bump, and I couldn't tell if the salesman had issues driving it, or if it was the car messing about.

I strongly advised my friend if he wants to buy it, that he will need to get a Ferrari expert to check the transmission, on a Ferrari computer.

My friend thought about it for too long, and basically it sold the next day. He did buy a few cars a few years later, but I will take about them in another story.

Do you like this Ferrari F430, or would you prefer a standard one?