Back to the future car, flew to my shopping center in Moscow.

Hello guys.
I really need to keep on this platform, but sometimes I struggle for ideas of stories. I have seen that the Planetautos group has suddenly become busy, and I love seeing your car content. Please keep up with your car content, because it really inspires me!!!


So since I can't think of content every day, I will talk about some of my photos (there are 1000's of them). Thanks to @j85063 for making me realise something, with his daily content, along with Ben from @Planetauto.

Todays car is a beautiful DMC Delorean, with the back to the future (time machine) extras on it.

The Delorean was the only car the car company made, back in the day. It was the famous franchise that really made this car, such an icon.


Do you like the DMC-12 or not? I know it wasn't fast at all, with its french powerplant, and some say it would struggle to reach the famous 88mph.

If you have seen a DeLorean, and have a photo, please share it below.