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Back again with me, this time I again want to post here regarding cars, but like the previous post, I don't post luxury cars like other friends' posts, I'll just post a truck car, which is a freight car,

one of the large trucks whose services are very widely used is the tronton car, this car is indeed very long compared to other cars, so the goods that fit in this car are also very large,

This tronton car can withstand loads of up to 10 tons, with a large number of sizes this car can survive because of its very many tires, in front there are 8 tires, even to the rear it has 4 long rows of tires, so that with a long and lots of tires, able to withstand large loads,

with a long size, the speed is also different from other cars, this car is a bit slow in the process of running because of the load it bears, but what makes this car cool, even though the load reaches 10 tons, the road that climbs the tronton car is still normal ride at a leisurely pace, without having to worry about backing down again.

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