"Looks like a nice trip"

Greek Island sails - Memory lane

Memory of a beautiful sailing trip. A sailors dream.

If you are a regular on our blog you may have seen one or two images from this trip two years ago. With more time at hand, we are bathing in memories and sorting images. Coming across some more images to share with you.


Our original plan was plotted like this. Of course, that never works out like that.

The first night we actually stuck in the harbor. We went off the morning after. The beauty in that way, that we got comfortable with the boat without worrying about to Anker or course or waves.

The next morning was the sea was so amazingly calm, there was no use in putting up the sails, we had to use the engine to leave Athens.
But in all honesty. We loved this calm mood so much. Almost mystic.

After a few hours of calm the wind at sea picked up and we could follow our plans not using the engine.

Santorini - Σαντορίνη

When you sail in Greece for the first time Santorini will always be a destination. Well worth the stop it's an impressive piece of land to visit.



As we go on and sailed into the night we did reach some pretty good speed and hopped from island to island almost effortless and carbon neutral. That is what all sailors are looking for. The joy to use the forces of nature to their advantage, for our joy.


Stopping right in front of the Scorpios Mykonos at Paraga beach.
Another day another beach.


In between all the island, we enjoyed great conversations with wine and incredible food prepared by our inventive chef and skipper Stefan. Thank you Stefan for organizing the trip and bringing us safely back to our harbor without a glitch. We hopefully enjoy many more of these sailing adventures.

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